Today I went to AB Tech and registered for the first and second level veterinary assistant classes. Now all I have to do is go to the website and create my enrollment thingie and they’ll send me a link with the rest. This could be an important new chapter in my life. Getting out of retail, dealing with animals instead of humans, etc. Wish me luck!

In other news… the first shots in the war have been fired. Today the management of my apartment complex towed not one, not two, but fifteen cars. Joshua went to talk to them, and evidently the whole thing is a scheme to make sure that the towing company gets business and that the driver’s girlfriend (who lives in the complex) always has a place to park. As far as the personal-stuff-in-the-yard thing, evidently they only care about tenants they don’t like. My roommate went to the office to ask what she should do about her gigantic flower pots, and they told her she had nothing to worry about. My roommate is white, dresses nicely, pays her bills on time, and is fairly attractive. They essentially told her these new rules were meant to discourage a handful of “problem” tenants. Based on what she told me of their conversation, I’m guessing the problem is either financial status, appearance, or race. Wonderful.

We all gathered round and chatted a little about our plan to form a neighborhood association. We got sidetracked and started talking about the state of world politics in general. Contained in this conversation was this nugget of wisdom from Joshua, when asked “what are people?” – “People are like corporations. Without rights.”

But yeah, that about sums things up. I’m determined to get more sleep tonight, and work comes early. The End.