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The past twenty-four hours have been a rollercoaster ride. Let’s examine some of the highlights and lowlights, shall we?

Good: I had a dream that I wrote a song on bass. I woke up and immediately grabbed my bass. To my surprise, the notes that I played in the dream actually sound really cool, and it could potentially become a good song.

Good: Had a nice little workout, ate some Cheerios, and left for work ahead of schedule.

Good: I began my workday in a great mood, daydreaming mostly about the classes I registered for yesterday, the fact that I have tomorrow off and nothing at all to do, and the fact that I have a date on Friday with the lovely Kat.

Bad: My mom calls me at work to tell me that my grandmother has passed. She’s been in a coma for months, hooked up to all sorts of machines, so it was no surprise. Furthermore, when you’ve already lost two other grandparents in the past ten months, you kinda get used to this sort of thing. But my family is already at it, arguing over whether or not there should be a wake (umm, hello!) and how best to spend the money my grandfather left in his will. At this point I’m just kinda numb to the whole process – losing people and not getting to say goodbye, greedy family members dragging things out, having to think about taking time off and driving to the other side of the state, etc. I’m not sure what emotions to feel right now, so I just shut down. I honestly can’t believe how they’ve acted ever since the day she went in the hospital, and the thought that they might not have any kind of wake or memorial disgusts me. I watched their greed and ego problems make an already fragile situation become way harder than it should be with my grandfather, I have no desire to watch it all over again. I have no intention of being a part of this charade and I want nothing to do with them. They can drag her memory through the mud like they did with his, I’ll just be hanging out. I’m not going to let this bring me down, I have too much on my plate as it is, and I’m pretty sure she would understand and approve.

Meh: I send a text to Kat to open up a dialog about our date on Friday. We never discussed where we’d go or when we’d meet, and I also wanted to warn her that I might be a bit out of it because of the aforementioned situation. She didn’t reply. Maybe she’s at work. Maybe her phone is turned off. Maybe she’s taking a nap. Who knows.

Bad: An hour later I still haven’t gotten a reply, so I send another text. I say that I hope I didn’t catch her at a bad time, and if so she can just text me whenever. After more than three hours, still no reply. Maybe she’s working a double? Maybe her phone is dead? Maybe my texts aren’t sending? My paranoia (mostly warranted, based on previous dating history) worries that it might be something altogether different from those possible scenarios – she might be ignoring me.

Meh: I snag two damaged canvases before I leave work. They’re a little wobbly, and kind of a weird size. But hey – they’re free. Free art supplies are always good. So maybe put this down as “meh and a half.”

Good: I speak to my boss for our daily closing phone call and she tells me to take $50 out of the deposit for finishing this month’s newsletter. It’s always good to have cash in your wallet, especially when you’ve got a hot date coming up soon.

Meh: I marvel at the little things when I notice that the sign above the checkout at Greenlife says “5 items or fewer.” Hooray for correct grammar. But it really doesn’t make much of a difference in the grand scheme of things, now does it?

Meh: I have veggie burgers and fries for dinner and watch the Democratic National Convention.

Good: Bill Clinton uses the phrase “donut hole” several times in the span of a few minutes. I am further blown away by his persuasive ability when I mysteriously begin to crave donuts. I decide to go to Ingles once his speech ends and buy some donuts, and Joshua tags along.

Good: As we’re coming back from the store I see Michelle walking to her apartment. I talk to her for a minute and ask if she’s talked to Kat. Turns out she just came from her house. They have a weekly Wednesday game night thing. This leads me to believe I’m not being ignored after all. She was probably working, and once she got off work game night began. She probably didn’t check her phone the whole time because she was already surrounded by several of her closest friends. Any of the other scenarios could still apply, but I’m choosing to believe the positive one, and hope that I will get a reply from her tomorrow. So maybe this is “meh and a half” as well.

Meh: I’m bored. I’m physically sleepy, but my brain is bouncing everywhere. But I don’t have to wake up at any set time tomorrow, so I can just play around on the computer until I get un-bored or my mind catches up with my body and decides to go to sleep. That’s pretty much where we stand.



Today I went to AB Tech and registered for the first and second level veterinary assistant classes. Now all I have to do is go to the website and create my enrollment thingie and they’ll send me a link with the rest. This could be an important new chapter in my life. Getting out of retail, dealing with animals instead of humans, etc. Wish me luck!

In other news… the first shots in the war have been fired. Today the management of my apartment complex towed not one, not two, but fifteen cars. Joshua went to talk to them, and evidently the whole thing is a scheme to make sure that the towing company gets business and that the driver’s girlfriend (who lives in the complex) always has a place to park. As far as the personal-stuff-in-the-yard thing, evidently they only care about tenants they don’t like. My roommate went to the office to ask what she should do about her gigantic flower pots, and they told her she had nothing to worry about. My roommate is white, dresses nicely, pays her bills on time, and is fairly attractive. They essentially told her these new rules were meant to discourage a handful of “problem” tenants. Based on what she told me of their conversation, I’m guessing the problem is either financial status, appearance, or race. Wonderful.

We all gathered round and chatted a little about our plan to form a neighborhood association. We got sidetracked and started talking about the state of world politics in general. Contained in this conversation was this nugget of wisdom from Joshua, when asked “what are people?” – “People are like corporations. Without rights.”

But yeah, that about sums things up. I’m determined to get more sleep tonight, and work comes early. The End.


Ignore the hastily attached Animal House subject. The point of this entry is that last night played out pretty much the same as the night before… except better.

Remember how I said I needed to get to bed at a decent hour? Yeah, that didn’t happen. After writing my last blog entry, I went upstairs to unwind. I ended up dozing off for a few minutes at my computer desk. I woke back up and went to the bathroom, and when I came back for some reason I glanced down at my phone and saw it was blinking. I had gotten a text from Kat while I dozed. She said that she noticed my lights were off and wasn’t sure if I was asleep or out, but that they were hanging out at Michelle’s place, and if I was awake I should come by. I replied and said that I was getting ready for bed, but that I’d come by for a little while instead.

When I got over there they were involved in a game of Friends trivia. Michelle is a huge fan of the TV show, and they were all trying to find a question in the deck that she didn’t know the answer to. “They” in this case would be Kat, Kat’s roommate Abby, and Michelle’s brother, who is also named Chris. Michelle decided that she needed to go to sleep and went upstairs. The Other Chris and Abby were hitting it off quite well, and frequently went out on the front porch to smoke and talk, leaving Kat and I alone to chat. We had a lot of really good conversation, I feel like a genuine connection has been formed between us. The more I get to know her the more I like her.

Eventually the night turned into a big YouTube fest, with each of us showing our top videos and everyone laughing their collective asses off. After a few hours reality set in and Kat informed Abby that they had to leave so she could at least get some sleep before work in the morning. Abby and The Other Chris were pretty much inseparable – they literally got into a tug-of-war at one point in time. I walked Kat to her car and we chatted a bit more, and decided to arrange a date for Friday night. We had a nice embrace, she finally pried Abby away, and they headed home. By then it was about 4:00 AM. I walked across the parking lot on Cloud 27, looking down at the people on Cloud 9, laughing.

Again, I was completely unable to sleep. I tossed and turned and woke up several times. At work today I was running on pure adrenaline. Well that and energy drinks. A regular customer won $600 on scratch-off tickets and gave me and my coworker $10 each. I attempted to get some pizza from the little pizzeria down the street, but evidently they were closed for Labor Day. I put politics aside and had Chick-Fil-A instead. I came home to find my roommate, Joshua, and Angela sitting on Michelle’s front porch with her and her roommate Dustin. I got changed out of my uniform and went over to join them. I got some advice and opinions on the whole Kat thing from Michelle, who obviously knows her better than I do, and from my roommate and Joshua, who seem to have a little more practical knowledge of the world of dating than I do.

I’m completely exhausted. And this time I really will go to bed at a decent hour. But I’m pretty excited at the possibility of something developing here. It’s been a long time since a girl completely blew me away, and the chance that she might perhaps be interested in me as well has me on a high like nothing else. Tomorrow I’m going to register for those online classes at AB Tech, which is a huge thing, but I’m thinking maybe Friday might be even bigger. I’m optimistic without getting my hopes up, which is kinda a new feeling for me. Fingers crossed…..


Yesterday was a loooooong day at work. I walked home, exhausted and ready to collapse. But somewhere along the way I got a little sidetracked and had some adventures instead.

When I first got home, my neighbor Angela was sitting on her front porch with her crazy little dog Izzy. For some reason this dog hates all men, but loves me. She was feeling playful and ran around barking at me to chase her, so chase her I did. Then my neighbor Crystal started walking our way with her seven-year-old daughter Phoenix. She wanted to play frisbee, so play frisbee we did. Other neighbors started to gather round, until we had a rather large group hanging out and chatting.

The apartment complex management sent out a letter to everyone with some ridiculous demands, including (but not limited to): no chairs or other personal belongings are to be left on porches, no curtains or other coverings over windows, and no charcoal grills, period. We decided to form a neighborhood association, not so much to protest and demand, but to open up a dialog with management and show them why we think their demands are unreasonable. Hopefully we can accomplish something and keep this complex a community where people will want to live. We’ll see.

Midway through our neighborhood discussion Angela’s banjo-playing friend came over and a jam session sprung into life. A little while later my neighbor Michelle pulled into the parking lot. She came down to join us and almost instantly said, “Hey Chris, guess what? Kat is coming over!” Kat is her cute friend I met a few weeks ago and hit it off with. About an hour later she finally showed up and joined our little group. Trying not to seem creepy and obsessive, I slowly made my way towards her, using Michelle’s dulcimer playing as an excuse to sit in between the two of them. Eventually Michelle decided to retire her dulcimer and get another beer, conveniently leaving Kat and I alone. We started chatting and things pretty much went the same way as they did the last time, with the two of us basically tuning out the rest of the group.

Somehow we started talking about ringtones, and I stated that mine were the best. (My ringtone for incoming calls is Fascination Street by The Cure and my text tone is the power-up sound from Super Mario Brothers.) Kat wanted to hear my ringtone, and before I could pull it up under my phone settings she was calling me. She apologized for being creepy, but I didn’t find it creepy at all. I promptly saved her number. Turns out she got my number from Michelle last week.

Around 12:30 Michelle and my neighbor Ty (whom she has a ridiculous crush on) decided they wanted to get stoned and watch a movie. After I bragged about the size of my DVD collection everyone came over to my place and started digging. They decided on Coraline, and since I don’t smoke pot we decided to watch it over at Michelle’s place. Her and Ty took the couch, Kat went straight for the floor, and I sat down next to her. Michelle and Ty lit up the bong and less than half an hour into the movie they were giggly and distracted and Kat was sound asleep on the floor. She had worked a double shift and was exhausted, so I can’t really blame her. For some odd reason they decided to finish the movie at some point in the future and instead go play with Michelle’s tarantula.

I started to get really sleepy myself and decided to go home. I got ready for bed, but as soon as I got in the bed I was wired and couldn’t sleep. I’m not gonna lie, I was mostly thinking about Kat and the chance that this could actually turn into something. Maybe I’m a hopeless romantic at heart, who knows. Today at work I texted her and we chatted for a little while. I’m hoping we can get together soon and see what might happen. But in the meantime I’m the one who is exhausted, after a night of almost no sleep. I need to make it a point to get to bed at a decent time tonight…