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A Weird Week

It’s been a full week since I updated. I’ve been pretty busy. Let’s go into more detail…..

Tuesday the guy from Skyrunner, a local internet company, came out to check if they could get a signal from my place. Sure enough they could. The only problem is my landlord doesn’t like the installation process. I guess an antenna the size of a pack of cigarettes and a tiny hole through which a cable is threaded is too intrusive for his liking. The maintenance guy told him to call up here on one of the days the girl is working in the office. She’s a little more tech-savvy and could better understand the process and explain to him it’s no big deal. But if that doesn’t work then I guess I’m stuck with Charter, which means a bigger bill. Blah.

The aforementioned maintenance guy came out that same day to look at our fridge. Evidently there’s a piece that is keeping the freezer fan from working, and to get to it he’d have to remove this whole front bracket. The fridge is so old that they no longer make the size hex wrench needed to take off the bolts. Hopefully this means they’ll give us a new fridge. But if one of my neighbors is any indication, that could take quite some time. Stupid cheap landlord.

Also on Tuesday I was supposed to have a date with Amber, a girl I met on a dating website. The same girl who texted me when I was out with Morgan last Saturday. She decided she didn’t feel well enough to drive to Asheville. She lives in Brevard, and I offered to drive there instead. At first she was down with the idea, then decided we should just reschedule. We decided on Thursday, my next day off. I texted her to get directions and she said that she had thought it over and she didn’t really want to date anyone right now. Why you would join a dating site if you don’t want to date is beyond me, but whatever.

Most of the rest of my week was spent stressing out. We fired someone last week at the art supply store, so we’ve been stretched pretty thin, with a lot of days being one person by themselves. Knowing that I would have very little free time because of a few social engagements and the last week of classes, I decided I needed to spend most of my time at work finishing up the newsletter. Trying to do that and run a store by myself is pretty hectic. Add to that the increasing difficulty of communicating with Joel from Blend about the show. He’s been terrible about responding to calls or emails, so the other day I went down there after work to see if the people at the bar knew anything more than I did. The girl who was there is actually dating one of the other artists, so she gave me his number. We talked it over and decided we need to take things into our own hands. We set a time for the show, and he’s going to get one of his friends to DJ. All we need to do is find out who the third artist is. Oddly enough, Joel just sent me a text message saying we should all get together to discuss things on Tuesday. Has he finally decided to coordinate this? Better late than never I suppose…..

Last night I hung out with Morgan again. She came over my place, and we basically just drank and talked about random stuff until my roommate and Joshua got home. Then they got involved in the conversation and it became even more random. A thirty-something couple, a nineteen year old college student, and the thirty-something guy who is hopelessly smitten, all talking about religion, sex, Mitt Romney, philosophy, Freud, origami, and art. With copious amounts of alcohol. It sounds like an indie rom-com in the making. But yeah, we all had a good time. Sofia and Joshua went to her room to watch a movie and Morgan asked me a lot of leading questions, possibly fishing for compliments. Because, you know, I don’t give her enough already. Somehow it became 1:30 and she decided it was time to go home. My neighbor Angela was coming home just as we were leaving, so I introduced them and we chatted for a few minutes. After I dropped her off I hung out at Angela’s place until I was too tired to be social. I came home and realized I needed to pay my Charter bill, and somehow ended up spending half an hour online. I attempted to go to sleep, but Ty’s roommate came home very drunk and very loud, and her voice echoed up to my window. Even when I closed it I could still hear her loud and clear. So yeah, I didn’t get much sleep. I drank three energy drinks just to get through work today and was still exhausted. Fun times.

Now I’m going to attempt to discipline myself enough to read the last few chapters for my online classes. Our final exam was released the other day, and even though we have until November 9 to finish it, I’d like to at least do something now, rather than wait until the last minute. Tomorrow my friend Rhiannon is coming up from Charlotte and we’re gonna hang out all day and then go see A Place To Bury Strangers at The Emerald Lounge. I’m pretty excited, both for the show and because I haven’t seen her in forever. But it basically means I won’t get any work done tomorrow, so yeah. Eventually I’ll need to try to get some sleep too. Man cannot live on caffeine alone. But he sure as hell can try…..


The non-date

Last night I went out with Morgan, the girl who came into the art supply store. The one who is basically my dream girl. The one who has a boyfriend. And it wasn’t a date. So yeah…

I picked her up on campus and we arrived fashionably late to the art opening. The artist was a woman named Lynn Boggess. Her work was really good, lots of impressive textures and colors, and for being loose and impressionistic paintings, an amazing attention to detail. We walked around and took it all in, and Morgan told me a bit about her life by relating the paintings to scenes she grew up seeing in her previous hometowns.  I grabbed some fruit and a glass of wine and we continued talking, somehow managing to touch on childhood, dating, alcoholism, religion, and Existentialism. The more we talked the more I realized that she is incredibly intelligent and pretty knowledgable about a variety of things.

After a little while she suggested we should walk around. We wandered around town with no particular destination or agenda for a while. I got a text message, (more on that later) and when I pulled my phone out to look she asked if I had to be somewhere. I assured her I didn’t, I was just looking to see who texted me, but I wouldn’t be rude to her and reply. I eventually did reply, but I wasn’t rude about it. We roamed around a bit more until she decided she wanted coffee. We went to Izzy’s and hung out for a while, until it appeared they were trying to close and we were the reason they were still open. I took her to The One Stop and showed her my art, giving a lot of background info. We left and began to wander again, until I got hungry and suggested we stop for food. She had already eaten, so basically she drank a glass of water and watched me eat a few slices of pizza at Barley’s.

Our conversation drifted all over the place. We talked about the usual stuff one would talk about on a non-date, but we also got into some really deep shit. She’s a very open person, and she didn’t have much of a problem with telling me a lot of things from her past. We spent a lot of time comparing experiences and battle scars. Maybe it was because I knew this wasn’t a date and I wasn’t trying to win her over, but I was unusually open about a lot of personal stuff. In a lot of ways we’re very much on the same page, and everything just felt right. I told her that I wasn’t expecting anything to change, I wouldn’t sit around hoping that she breaks up with her boyfriend. I didn’t want to cause any drama, and I was perfectly fine knowing that we might never be more than just friends. But that she was amazing, and that if anything ever did change, I wanted to be on the shortlist of potential future boyfriends. She said that I was sweet, and took it as a challenge to prove that I didn’t know her well enough and she wasn’t worthy of all the worship I had thrown at her feet. The funny thing is that nothing she told me changed my opinion of her one bit, so yeah.

I eventually replied to that text message, and she decided to turn off the ringer on her phone. She dug through her purse but couldn’t find it, and realized she had left it in the coffee shop. She schemed of ways her car-less self would get it back on a Sunday when the busses don’t run, and I alerted her to the fact that it was 11:30. Neither one of us had realized it, but we had been sitting in Barley’s for over two hours. I drove her home and told her to let me know if she found her phone. She sent me a text message this afternoon telling me she found it, and we basically texted the whole day. All in all it was a wonderful evening, and as crazy as it may sound, I think I’ve found something really special here. We might never be more than friends, but I feel like we connected on a very deep level, and I feel very close to her. This could be the start of a really great friendship.

But yeah, so back to that text message. I met a girl on Plenty Of Fish a few days ago who seems somewhat promising. She’s into philosophy and seems really intelligent. She’s also pretty cute. We emailed back and forth a few times and then she asked if I wanted to text sometime. I gave her my number, and wouldn’t you know it, she finally texts me while I’m on my non-date. I told her I was out and I’d get back to her when I got home. It was almost midnight when I finally got home, and I was afraid she might be asleep. I texted her anyway, and she replied promptly. We messaged each other for about an hour or so, and then I finally had to get some sleep. We decided to get together, but I’m not sure when yet. I messaged her tonight when I got home from work but never got a reply. I feel like there’s some potential here, and I’m sure she has a legit reason for not responding. I guess I’ll have to find out!

So that was my eventful night. If I can quit yawning I’m going to read the next section in my class, and then probably hit the sack. I’m definitely behind on sleep. The End.


The other day was my neighbor Angela’s birthday. She decided going out and celebrating on a Friday night would work better, so that’s what we did. We decided on the Bywater, which meant we had to get one of our other neighbors, Dustin, to come along, since he’s the only one with a membership. They wanted to go around 8:00, which meant that I needed to drive to work instead of walking so I could be home with enough time. Unfortunately, downtown was an absolute mad house, and it took me over 20 minutes to get from the parking garage to my apartment. Knowing I wouldn’t have much time to eat to begin with, I got a to-go order from Chai Pani. Thanks to fighting downtown traffic, my food was cold and Angela was bugging me to hurry up the second I walked in the door. Fun times.

We got to the Bywater and hung out for a while waiting for others to show up. My roommate said she would be coming later with Joshua, who just recently fell and broke his hip. Angela had a friend who was supposed to be coming as soon as she could convince her boyfriend’s parents to let them leave. And after she got off work Michelle was supposed to be coming. We roamed around and started drinking. I had a hot apple cider made with spiced rum and butter schnapps that was pretty much amazing, then followed that with a concoction of more rum, root beer, and bitters. We were approached by yet another neighbor, a guy named Rob who plays upright bass and sometimes makes his way to our end of the complex to say hi. I ended up seeing a guy I know named Eric, and I briefly chatted up a girl with blue hair.

Angela got progressively more intoxicated, which was entertaining for all. Dustin wanted to leave because he has to be at work at 6:00 AM, but for some reason he didn’t think to drive. Since I’d only had a few drinks and my tolerance is ridiculously high, Angela let me drive her car to take him home. When I got back, Sofia and Joshua had arrived, and Michelle was calling me asking for a ride. When I told her I was already there she decided to drive. Sofia and Joshua didn’t stay much longer because she has to work early, and soon it was just me, Angela, and Michelle. For most of the night I’d been holding Angela’s stuff – keys, cigarettes, phone, ID, you name it – because she didn’t think to wear something with pockets, and was obviously too drunk to keep up with anything. She leaned over to tell me something and spilled her beer right down my back. My shirt got wet around the collar, but the big thing for me was my new blazer got wet. I hate the smell of beer, so when Michelle decided that after the band finished we should head to the Southern, I decided to come home and change and attempt to wash my blazer enough to make it smell nice again. I’d really like to wear it tomorrow on my non-date, so I hope it’s dry in time.

So I’m in my pajamas, my shirt is in the hamper, and my jacket is wet and hanging on the door. I have ridiculous heartburn from sinus problems, drinking, inhaling smoke, and having to shout over a bluegrass band all night. A week of screwed up sleep schedules is catching up with me and I can’t stop yawning. And oddly enough, I’m kinda chilly. Overall it was a pretty fun night, but perhaps it’s time to go to bed?


Evidently every company that I have an account through is trying to get more money out of me. First I got my Charter bill and find out that my two-year contract has ended, and in the interim they’ve raised rates on everyone. I’ve been looking into other options, and I think I’ll be going with a local company called Skyrunner. Then I get my water bill and it is double what it usually is. I called them up and they claimed that my usage doubled. They said I could have a leak and not know it. They put in a work order with the office, who sent a maintenance guy out. He said that there’s no way we could be using that much, and if there was a leak that big we would have known. He came out to check the meter, and sure enough, it’s not working. We’re not really sure what happened or where the water company got those numbers from, but they don’t reflect reality. So they’re going to fix our meter and adjust our bill accordingly. And finally, I got a notice from the tax department claiming that I haven’t paid my vehicle tax bill. I sent a check out almost a month ago and still have the duplicate to prove it. Nothing was taken out of my bank account, and they said they didn’t receive it. Either it got lost in the mail, or, as the woman on the phone explained to me, it got sent to their old address. It seems as though they moved, and a lot of mail is being sent to their old address. Meanwhile they’re getting tax bills from other counties and whatnot. Sounds really organized. But yeah, so I’m just going to pay online, and she said if they get my check they’ll send it back. Had I have known you could pay online in the first place I would have done that – I’m so ready for checks to go the way of the buffalo.

While there was no drinking game this time, I did manage to catch the second presidential debate. Romney was his usual dickish self, but this time he was much more entertaining. I’m still scratching my head as to how single-parent families result in assault weapons. And of course there’s the unforgettable “binders full of women” comment, which produced this amazing tumblr page. This was definitely a gaffe for the, er, binder. Overall I was pretty satisfied with the debate. It wasn’t a “game changer” like the first one appears to have been, but it was a much-needed rebound for Obama. Not only is the town hall style debate much better suited to his skills as a politician, but he was more aggressive and didn’t stand for Romney’s bullshit. Early voting in North Carolina starts tomorrow (technically today but the polls won’t open for another six hours) and I think it’s pretty obvious who I will be casting my ballot for. Hopefully enough of my fellow Tar Heels will do the same and we can be a blue state again this election. Fingers crossed!

If you read my last post, you know that my dream girl came into the art supply store, and somehow I wound up getting her number. I’ve been trying to think of something to ask her to that won’t come off wrong and overstep my boundaries. I looked on our “local art highlights” calendar and saw that there is going to be a gallery opening on Saturday. I took the day off because that was supposed to be when my art show came down, but the artist who was supposed to follow me backed out, and now they’ll be leaving my artwork up until November 1. With a free Saturday, and desperately wanting an excuse to see this girl, I decided to text her and see if she would be interested. She said that Saturdays were usually the days she works on art projects and spends time with her boyfriend, but she would rather go to a gallery opening. I was a little shocked, but went with it. The next day she texted me to make sure I understand that this isn’t a date, something her friend recommended we clarify. I told her that I assumed it wasn’t, seeing as how she has a boyfriend. So unless something comes up, we’re on for Saturday. The way I see it is, I have a lot to gain from this and absolutely nothing to lose…

Worst case scenario: We have an awkward night, or as I get to know her I realize she isn’t quite as perfect as I previously thought. Or perhaps she realizes that she’s a bit out of my league and has a bad time. But no matter how badly the evening goes, I will still have gotten to go to a gallery opening, not spend a dime, and spend some time with a girl who, at least as far as looks go, is pretty close to a perfect ten. A free night out with a gorgeous young woman looking at art sounds like a win, even if that’s where things end.

The next possibility is that we could really hit it off, in which case I’ve made a new friend. I don’t have a lot of friends, so that’s always a good thing. Friendship with this particular girl could potentially have some additional benefits. No, not that kind of benefits. By spending time with her and getting to know her, I would be expanding my social circle. She’s a college student, so chances are she has a ton of friends. And she’s an artist, so chances are several of her friends are as well. As we become better friends, it’s inevitable that I’ll meet some of her friends, and from there who knows what could happen. Maybe I’ll hit it off with her friends and they will become my friends as well. Maybe they’ll be fans of my art, leading to more exposure and getting my name and my work out there. Or maybe one of her friends will be a cute artist with a thing for older guys. The possibilities are endless.

And then there’s the third potential path, which I will be the first to admit is an extreme longshot. We could get to know each other and become close friends, and down the road something might happen. She didn’t sound too confident that her current relationship would last, so perhaps they’re on the outs. It’s crazy to think I could ever have a chance with a girl like her, but who knows, maybe I’m her type. Maybe they’ll break up at some point in the future, and the natural thing is for us to get together. I’m not expecting this to happen, and even though I would love it if it did, I’m not hoping for it. But anything is possible, right? If it were to happen, I certainly wouldn’t do anything to stop it. This girl is pretty much everything I’ve ever wanted in a girl, so if she happens to fall into my lap I won’t complain!

No matter what happens, I’ve already gotten a huge benefit from this. As someone who has struggled with self-esteem issues for years, this is a gigantic ego boost. Not only did the girl of my dreams voluntarily give me her number, but she wants to be friends and be seen in public with me. Seeing as how I’m about fifteen years older than her, dirt poor, and of average attractiveness at best, I can’t really imagine there’s anything she stands to gain from this. Aside from a discount at the store, I have nothing to offer her. This makes me think that her motives are pure, and she genuinely does like me. After years of women using me and taking advantage of me, the thought of a girl wanting to spend time with me when she gets nothing out of it is refreshing. It means that she values me as a person and would like to form a genuine friendship. That’s pretty rare in this day and age, and the fact that she’s not just any girl, but one whom I consider to be just about perfect in every way literally makes me giddy. I haven’t felt this good about a potential friendship in a while, and in turn it has made me feel pretty good about myself. I might not be the greatest guy out there, but there are people who want to spend time with me, and occasionally they just so happen to be goddesses in the flesh.

But yeah, that’s about it for now. I fell asleep watching South Park and woke back up over three hours later. I haven’t gotten much sleep this past week, and I’m really feeling it. Now that I’ve had a nice long nap, I’m not tired. I’ll probably numb myself with the internet for a while and then force myself to go to bed. Tomorrow (technically today) will be somewhat of a light day, but I don’t want to stay up late and sleep until mid-afternoon. Anyway, that’s all folks.


Lately I’ve just been too busy to write anything in this damn blog. Oh well.

The early part of my week was spent watching and reading about the debates – first the Jon Stewart vs. Bill O’Reilly “Rumble 2012,” then the vice presidential debate. I’m not sure which one was more entertaining. Also, this is now a thing: when someone is lying through their teeth and you punk them down, you “Biden” them. Fun times.

I had Tuesday and Wednesday off for a change, but my sinuses were killing me and my friends were busy, so I didn’t take advantage of having consecutive off-days. I started on a new painting, which is coming along rather well. Between work, reading for my classes, and this new piece, I’ve pretty much had no free time.

Last night I after work I went to my former coworker’s art opening, then came home and cooked dinner. I was so exhausted I fell asleep doing my reading. I woke up an hour later, my body aching, determined to finish the lesson and do a few other productive things. I forced myself to stay up an hour later than I normally would have so I could accomplish these things, and then wound up oversleeping this morning and having to take the bus to work instead of walking.

Today at work, my dream girl from a few posts previous came in again. Once again we got into a long conversation, only ended by her having to leave. To my surprise, she had in fact gone to my website and looked at my artwork. Based on my little bio page, her and her roommate tried to guess my age, and her roommate got it right. She’s only 19, so she then launched into a discourse about how she always seems to attract older guys, and how even when they’re older, they’re still too immature for her. She said that her boyfriend (also named Chris) was only two years older, but that it was old enough to count, because he would be graduating next year and she’d still be in school. She then said something like, “not that I expect it to last that long.” I told her that in the event it didn’t last, and she needed another Chris to step in and fill the void, I would proudly offer my services. She giggled and told me that was really sweet. We chatted some more, and I said that even though she never has free time and has a boyfriend, it would be cool to hang out sometime. She sounded a bit startled and said, “well I am allowed to have friends.” She then asked for my number and sent me a text message so I’d have hers. I’m not really sure how to ask her out without it sounding like I’m asking her to cheat on her boyfriend. Since she’s only 19 I can’t just say “let’s grab a drink sometime,” and I can’t invite her to the Tav Falco show I hope to go to next week. I don’t know of any events going on in the near future, and asking her to dinner or a movie sounds too much like a date, and I don’t want to be the cause of any drama. I’m sure I’ll think of something, and hopefully see her again soon. And hopefully I won’t be bright red in the face like I was for the latter half of our conversation today. But hey, your dream girl gives you her number and talks about her current relationship probably not lasting, and you tend to blush a little here and there. It happens.

So anyway, after work I stopped at Downtown Books and News and found a few interesting things in their free bin – a paperback of The Taming Of The Shrew, some old postcards, a CD from Uncut Magazine featuring bands inspired by The Byrds, and a DVD from some music magazine full of synth and drum samples. Not a bad haul, considering the price. I came home and chatted with my neighbor, who was sitting on her front porch. Then I cooked dinner and watched Woody Allen’s Bananas, which might be my new favorite of his movies. It was like a Marx Brothers political farce set in a small South American nation. But more Jewish. Easily the most laughs per minute of any of his movies that I’ve seen. Then I got a cleaning bug up my butt and gave the bathroom a good deep cleansing. Now I think I’ll read another chapter in my studies and try to get to bed at a decent hour for once. The End.


Once again I’ve gone longer than I should without an update. Not a lot has really been going on, so maybe that’s why.

On Friday we had a little staff party for the art supply store. One of our employees is moving away, and our boss decided to throw her a going away party. We went to this place called Zambra’s, a tapas place. “Tapas,” evidently, is Spanish for “really tiny portions.” The food was pretty good, but not exactly filling. Our boss paid, which was a nice gesture, but it probably means I won’t be getting paid for the newsletter for a while. Oh well, free food.

Saturday I woke up sick to my stomach, and pretty much stayed that way all day. On Sunday my roommate left to visit family for a week, so I have the place to myself. Last night I hung out with my neighbor Ty and his friend Cass, a pretty cool chick with an amazing voice. The two of them sung a lot of old bluegrass and folk songs, most of which I didn’t know, and I added various things like percussion, slide guitar, harmonica, and backing vocals for the songs I knew. I’m going to get Cass to sing on some of my stuff, whenever we both get enough free time.

I started a new painting, somewhat high-concept. It’s coming along slowly. It has a few layers and I’m using some unusual techniques, so I’ve been taking pictures each step of the way. I’ll post them when it’s finished.

Which brings us to today. Today has been one of those days. I woke up with a headache and my sinuses were killing me. I’ve been sniffling and sneezing all day. I went to do my laundry, but there were no empty washers or dryers. I went to the library to return some DVD’s and it was packed too. I came home and got on the computer for a while, only to find an email from Charter telling me that my rates are going up because my contract has ended. I called them, and evidently they don’t do contracts anymore, they don’t have any special promotional rates anymore, everyone is just at the same rate and there’s nothing they’re willing to do about it. So I’m going to call some local internet providers and get some quotes, because I can’t afford a huge jump in my monthly bill. After that I decided to try the laundromat again, and there wasn’t even an empty parking space. I have no idea why everyone randomly decided to do their laundry on the same day. I ended up going to the laundromat down the street, which is a bit more expensive, but oh well. I thought I had to get my wash done at a decent time because Nici and James were coming over, but then they ended up cancelling on me. I decided to go to Urban Burrito after I did my wash, and I forgot that kids eat free on Tuesday. It seems like the entire town was out and about today, and it was pretty annoying. I came home and watched a movie, then fell asleep. I completely forgot today was my nephew Blake’s birthday and I didn’t realize it until it was too late and he was probably already asleep, so no phone call from Uncle Chris. I’ll try calling tomorrow. Then I spent entirely too much time browsing OKCupid and realizing that I’ll probably be alone forever. Fun times!

I think I’ll end my day by taking some allergy meds, reading a chapter for my online class, and otherwise dicking around on the internet until I get tired enough to go to sleep. Yep, this is the excitement known as my life.


The first presidential debate is behind us now. From where I’m sitting, there doesn’t appear to be a clear winner. But there is definitely a clear loser – our livers.

I happened upon Debate Drinking and thought, why the hell not? I got home from work and posted a link to Facebook and then started on dinner. My neighbor Ty, his girlfriend Catie, and her friend Will came home shortly after that, saw my door was open, and came to say hello. I hadn’t met Catie before now, but evidently we’re “twinsies,” as she put it. We have a ton of stuff in common and really hit it off. She said she was excited to find someone who was interested in politics, and dragged Ty and Will over to watch the debate. My neighbors Michelle and Dustin were talking on their porch, and knowing that Michelle has a total hard on for Obama, I invited them as well. We pulled up the rules, loaded up the glasses, and got underway.

Evidently Ty and Catie get pretty loud once they’ve had some alcohol in them, and after several attempts to quiet them down didn’t work, Dustin decided to leave. They continued to talk, but the rest of us mostly tuned them out, at least long enough to catch some sound bytes to make fun of. And to know when our words had been said, necessitating another drink. All in all, this debate taught me that being the child of an alcoholic makes drinking games a futile exercise for me. I had two glasses of scotch, some vodka, and a shot of absinthe, and barely got a buzz. What buzz I did have faded within about two hours. But it was fun anyway. After the debates we watched some Youtube videos and chatted until everyone started leaving one-by-one.

My roommate and Joshua came home and enticed Michelle with some vegan chili, and her and I chatted a bit. Evidently her friend Kat has a boyfriend, which would explain her lack of communication. I’m not sure how, but I always manage to find girls who think it’s better to ignore you than to tell you news you don’t want to hear. Michelle said she’s been bugging her about how she needs to tell me, and she claims she will eventually. This is something like four girls in the past year – did I miss the memo that said ignoring someone was a good idea? I personally would much rather hear bad news than no news. If you don’t like me, you’re not feeling anything, you’re not looking for a relationship right now, there’s someone else, whatever… FUCKING TELL ME. By ignoring a person and thinking they’ll go away and things will magically be fine you show your true colors. Girls like that are not anyone I need in my life. If you can’t communicate something important, it brings into question everything you have communicated up to this point. If you dodge the hard conversations it shows you have no spine, no passion, and no empathy. This isn’t directed solely at her, and I still think she’s a really awesome person in many ways, but this is a message to women everywhere – if you behave in such a manner, you are showing yourself to be far beneath me and not worth my time. I feel sorry for whoever ends up with you, because unless you’re radically different towards others than you are to me, your future beau is going to have his hands full with a bunch of childish bullshit. Communication is paramount in any relationship. Say what you mean, mean what you say. Don’t avoid the hard talks or the tough questions, we’re talking about real people with real emotions, and they deserve to know what you think and feel. If you disagree with any of these statements and you don’t see this as a problem, then good luck in life, and I hope you don’t get fucked over the way you fuck over others.

But yeah so….. back to the debates! It seems that most media outlets are calling this a win for Romney. I’m not sure I see that at all. I will admit, he did speak with more passion and was very much on the offensive, attacking Obama at every turn. And this will probably be enough to swing a certain percentage of voters to his camp, at least for now. But the problem is, the facts weren’t on his side. Nearly half of what he said was total bullshit, and that has been verified by several independent fact-checkers. He even managed to contradict himself a few times. He wasn’t even trying to hide the fact that he was talking out of both sides of his mouth. On the other side of the stage, Obama played it cool and barely broke a sweat, and perhaps that was to his detriment. But really, what else would you expect him to do? When an idiot is attacking you with half-truths and outright lies, what do you say? Do you scream “nu-uh!!!” at the top of your lungs like most of Romney’s primary opponents did? Or do you try to bring a degree of civility and calmly point out where your challenger is wrong? Obama would be wise to bring back the passion and fire we saw in the last election, but only if he’s basing what he says on the truth. Saying something louder and more emotionally doesn’t make it any more true. Laying low doesn’t make what you’re saying false. But the problem is that the public wants a spectacle, and if you don’t give them that they’ll tune you out. So perhaps Obama needs to work on combining the fiery rhetoric with actual facts, solid policy, and the charisma and level-headedness that make him a great leader. If he can succeed in doing that, the next two debates are in the bag.

Oh, and I never did think of anything else that starts with the letter D. Oh well.


Today I had a doctor’s appointment. And I totally had to Google that to find out that “doctor’s appointment” was the correct way to say that. It was a follow-up to my appointment about two weeks ago, when I had a fasting lab. The results were overwhelmingly positive. My cholesterol and triglycerides continued to come down and all of my other readings were in the normal range. My triglyceride count is still a little high and my “good” cholesterol is still a little low, but compared to where I was a year ago, things are looking pretty good.

I’ve been getting niacin supplements from Amazing Savings for about as long as I’ve been taking them. With it being a discount store, you pretty much know that what you see there won’t be there forever. But they’ve had niacin as long as I could remember, and there didn’t seem to be any end to that. And then there was an end. I’ve looked everywhere, but most stores only carry the “flush free” niacin, which is usually inositol hexaniacinate, which doesn’t seem to really work. The Natrol brand niacin that Amazing Savings had is nicotinic acid, and obviously it’s been working. But now every pharmacy that used to sell the complete line of Natrol supplements only has a few, and no one seems to know why. After my appointment I went on the hunt again, and finally tracked down a 500 mg niacin that wasn’t flush free at Rite Aid, so hopefully it will work as well as the Natrol brand has. Fingers crossed.

Originally I was supposed to go see Andrew Bird with my friend Sarah tonight. We were discussing when to meet up and whatnot when it was announced that the show was cancelled. Evidently his van broke down somewhere in Kentucky. The show was rescheduled for October 21. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do that, I’ll have to look at my finances. I’m already having to miss work on the 20th because that’s when I have to take my stuff down from The One Stop. As of right now I couldn’t afford to miss two days of work in the same week. Maybe I could leave early or something, who knows. Sarah took this as a blessing in disguise and didn’t want to do anything else, instead electing to stay at home and catch up on some things. I thought about calling some friends, but figured it was too short notice. I ended up just getting some Chinese takeout and watching How I Met Your Mother. It’s been rainy and dismal all day, which means that no matter how much sleep I got last night and no matter how much caffeine I’ve consumed, I’m sleepy. So I guess it’s just as well. Going to concerts and/or hanging out with friends while trying to stay awake isn’t exactly idea.

Well that’s about all for now.