I’ll do some post-election posting soon, but for now, a quick little post about my dating life…

Saturday night I went out with a girl I met on Plenty Of Fish named Sarah. The profiles there don’t really contain a lot of information, and we hadn’t chatted a lot, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. We went to dinner and then had some drinks, and it’s pretty safe to say we both had a great time. Even though she was born and raised in Hendersonville, she’s a very progressive/liberal bisexual atheist. Not your typical Hendersonvillian (is that a word?) at all! She’s intelligent, funny, obsessed with 80’s music, has a really sweet personality, and is much cuter in person than in her profile photos.

She texted me early Sunday to say good morning, and we’ve texted off and on since then. She made it abundantly clear to me that she not only wants to see me again, but could potentially see this going places. Although I don’t know her very well as of yet, I could definitely see the potential for a relationship. We get along great, and on more than one occasion we finished each others’ sentences. The only real negatives are the fact that she smokes (gross!) and that she lives in Hendersonville and works third shift. She says that when she hangs out with non-smokers she doesn’t feel the urge to smoke, but considering we’re almost half an hour apart and she works while I’m usually asleep, it might be hard to see each other with any sort of frequency. But who knows, there could be something here.

On Sunday I had already made plans to hang out with Morgan. When I picked her up she told me something that I wasn’t really expecting to hear anytime soon – her and her boyfriend had broken up. We chatted for a little while and then watched a movie, and wound up doing a little light snuggling. She asked me if I wanted to kiss her, and of course I said yes. She’s always talked openly about her “kinks,” and she mentioned how she likes biting and hickies. I told her I had never given a hickey, and she said I should practice on her. I told her I wasn’t even totally sure what to do, so she decided to show me. So yeah, not only did I make out with my dream girl, but I have a big purple bruise on my neck to prove it.

I asked her how long she saw something like this coming, and she said “a long time.” That pretty much confirms my suspicion that she knew they were on the outs and was scouting me as a possible replacement. The only snag is she also talked at length about how she liked her newfound freedom and wasn’t looking for a relationship just yet. So I’m left with two options – Do I go for the likely relationship with Sarah, knowing that I’m giving up on what might be my only chance with the girl of my dreams? Or do I pursue Morgan, knowing that she might never want a relationship with me? I’ve basically decided that at this juncture, both of those options leave a little something to be desired, so I’m creating a third option. I’ll see both of them, with no exclusive commitment, and see what happens.

This is definitely a first in my personal life – two girls, both of whom I like, who seem to like me as well. I can only think of Cleveland on Family Guy: “I’m no meteorologist, but I do believe it’s raining bitches.” Brb, gonna go play in the rain…..