I attempted to post this yesterday, but WordPress was being a little bitch. I clicked the preview button and somehow I had been logged out. When I logged back in, everything I had typed was gone, and the auto-save had only saved up until the point when I was logged out. I tried to refresh the page and all of a sudden it was completely blank. So yeah. More or less, this is what I had written about…..

My art opening at Blend last Thursday didn’t happen. Evidently earlier in the week someone had called to complain about the noise. When the cops came out they realized that Blend’s liquor license and paperwork weren’t up-to-date. They shut them down until they got everything taken care of. As of Friday night they were still closed. They’re open now, but that’s about all I know. Joel, the “curator” guy, texted me Thursday morning to tell me about the cancellation, and then called me later in the day. He said we could reschedule the opening for Friday, when they should be open again. I explained to him that you just can’t do that sort of thing. People have jobs and schools and schedules, and they just can’t drop everything and come out to an opening with one day’s notice. I told him that if we had another opening, it needed to be a month from now. He talked about possibly the first weekend in December, but I’m honestly not sure my stuff will still be there by then. I’m going to try to get ahold of the owner when I get some free time and have a little chat with him. If he doesn’t give me sufficient reason to be confident in the future of his establishment I’ll take my stuff off the walls and go home. I’m honestly too frustrated to deal with these idiots. They are the worst organized and least professional organization I have ever worked with, and quite frankly, I’m done.

Also in the non-happenings category, I was supposed to have a date on Saturday with Sarah, the girl I went out with last week. I was going to head to Hendersonville, where she lives, after I got off work. I texted her to get directions and she apologized for not telling me sooner, but she had to cancel. Her dad is an epileptic and he had a seizure. She had to take him to the hospital, and as of late Saturday night she was still there with him. It’s probably the most legit reason anyone has ever given me for breaking a date, so I can’t be upset. No matter what, family should come first, especially in a situation like that. I talked to her on Sunday and she said her dad was doing a lot better and not to worry. I’ll probably see if she’s free this weekend, seeing as how I have several things going on that could potentially turn into dates. Fingers crossed.

As far as things that are happening… It appears I will have a slight change in employment. My boss at the art supply store fired a few people and is realizing that I’m one of the few she can depend on. She talked with me about potentially “taking on more responsibility.” I wouldn’t actually be doing much more than I am now, but it would come with a significant pay raise, and a guaranteed four days a week. That would be enough for me to be able to afford to quit the gas station, which means I would make about the same amount of money, have an extra day off, and not have to deal with all the bullshit that comes from working at a gas station. It’s not definite yet, as there are two things I want to make sure she’s okay with before I agree to this. For starters, I need to be sure that Sunday won’t be one of my usual workdays. We’re only open five hours, and I’m not sure that would be enough hours a week to make it worth my while. No sense taking a pay cut if I don’t have to. Second, I want her to understand that if I finish my online classes and find a better paying job as a veterinary assistant, I could potentially cut back to part time or quit altogether. If she’s comfortable with both of those things, then it’s pretty much a no-brainer. Especially after all of the annoyances I had to deal with this week at the gas station.

And as for this upcoming week’s happenings… On Friday a girl I know is having a birthday pub crawl through downtown Asheville. Saturday is the Mountain Xpress Best of WNC Bash, and since we won best art supply store we got free tickets. My boss has already told me that she wants me to go, and that if I wanted to bring a date she would buy the extra ticket. So that’s two potential things I could possibly ask Sarah to. Also on Sunday we’re having a customer appreciation party at the art supply store. I asked for the day off from the gas station so I could show up for a little while, but it’s not like I need to be there the whole time. I basically have the day off, so I’m sure I could think of another potential date scenario. But yeah so, that’s pretty much what’s going on in my life at the moment. The End.