This lovely sinus infection seems to want to stick around for a while. Every time it feels like it’s going away, the weather changes and the next day I feel like shit again. As of right now I’m feeling pretty good, but that could change tomorrow, who knows.

This will have been a pretty busy and eventful week-plus when all is said and done. Tomorrow and Monday are my last days at the gas station. Tuesday is my only day off until next Sunday. Thursday I spent the whole day running around – getting groceries, attempting to do a little Christmas shopping, etc.

Last night I went to an art opening at UNCA. I know the artist, she comes into True Blue all the time. Her work is pretty amazing – lots of disturbing nudes and figures, layers of ink and gouache and charcoal and who knows what else, weird bubbly textures, and an overaching theme of people she’s known dealing with PTSD. Her originals were a little bit out of my price range, but I talked to her about possibly getting a print of one of them. Cool stuff.

Tonight was my rescheduled opening at Blend. I suppose it went as well as one can expect from a disorganized crew and limited publicity. Evidently Blend still hasn’t gotten their liquor license back, so I’m sure that has affected business. Most of my friends were working, so that kinda sucked. I finally got to meet the other two artists, who both seem like pretty cool guys. I also met two girls who were just coming to smoke hookah, but seemed pretty into my art. I gave them both my card, and one asked if I had stuff for sale on my website. They were both really cute too, so one way or another this might end well. Morgan came out and brought a friend, who seems pretty cool. We hung out for a while until I started to get a hunger headache, and then we headed to The One Stop for some food. I doubt I’ll sell much of anything, and I pretty much just see Blend as a stopgap until I find another place that wants to display my stuff, but all in all things went rather well.

Now it’s time to quit rambling about things on the internet and get some sleep, in preparation for a busy week with only one day off. Yay!