Welcome to another incredibly late night edition of The Best of 2012. Is this what being in a relationship is like? Because I thought there would be a lot more sleeping. Oh well, enough about that. Time for five of my favorite albums from last year…..

20. Bleeding Rainbow – Yeah Right
Thanks to label delays, this album won’t see an official release until sometime later this month. But anyone who caught Bleeding Rainbow live in the time since the original October release date has been able to purchase a vinyl copy. Therefore, I’m counting it as a 2012 album. And a good one at that. Combining layers of shoegazer guitars, swirls of psychedelia, and sweet bubblegum pop hooks, it’s definitely in your best interest to track down this album.

19. Royal Headache – Royal Headache
Blue-eyed soul and punk are two things that just don’t sound like they should work together. But somehow this unholy combination of Joe Strummer and Joe Cocker not only works, but exceeds all expectations. Royal Headache write songs that are catchy, melodic, noisy, and just plain feel good belted out at the top of your lungs. What more can you ask for?

18. Mumford And Sons – Babel
There’s been so much talk about this new breed of folk music that’s hit the scene in the past few years. In every article, Mumford and Sons are always mentioned as torch-bearers for this new sound. But to label them as a folk band seems a bit off to me. Their sophomore release has all the power, passion, and dynamics of arena rock like U2 and Coldplay. It just so happens to be performed on banjo.

17. The Lumineers – The Lumineers
In what worked out to be a good year for folk-rock, The Lumineers were yet another band that saw substantial buzz. While not quite as dynamic as Mumford, their more stripped down and limited approach ultimately makes things work just a tad better. Simple folksy pop songs built from acoustic guitar, cello, and inventive percussion will always have a place in my heart. And in 2012, they also had a place on the Billboard charts.

16. Gravenhurst – The Ghost In Daylight
I’m a relative newcomer to Nick Talbot, having only heard of his Gravenhurst moniker with this, their fourth proper album. I haven’t done enough digging, but reviews seem to always hype up his ability to mix genres like folk, electronica, and space rock. For the most part I’m not hearing that on this album. What I do hear are a bunch of mellow and intimate songs that create a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere.If this release is any indication, I need to go check out the rest of their stuff.


…and there you have it. Tune in again tomorrow (hopefully a bit earlier in the evening) for the next five albums!