Welcome to yet another edition of The Week In Me. Not a whole lot has changed since the last time I wrote an actual update. The two main developments have been in my art career and in my dating life…

For starters, things seem to be working out nicely with Katie. We typically see each other several nights a week, although a lot of that is just hanging out. We have this inside joke about her being a wombat, and she created a fake Facebook profile with the name Wombat Superpants, with whom I am now “in a relationship.” Last night we went out on a double date with my friends Nici and James, and everyone seemed to click, so that’s good. I won’t be seeing her much in the next week and a half – evidently her birthday is a huge deal, and she’s doing something with some long-lost friend or family member every night. Also she hurt her back, so that’s kinda kicked her activity level down a few notches. Next week is her birthday, and I still haven’t figured out what to get her. She’s having a party which happens to fall on the same night as the Jeff Mangum concert, so I’ll be going to that first and then joining her and her friends for a night of drunkenness. But yeah, this is probably the most “normal” and functional relationship I’ve had in a while, so yay.

As far as art goes, a few new developments…

I have several different projects in vastly different mediums in the works. I just finished a crazy mixed media piece on wood that’s taken the past month or so to complete. I’ve been doing a few small tempera pieces on wood with abstract backgrounds and the cross-section of a tree. You can see one such piece here. I’m also going to start a series of pieces on wood, done in the style of medieval iconography, but of outdated technology. I’m calling it “Iconology.” Today I laid the ground for an oil reduction piece, although I’m not completely sure what it will end up being. And last but not least, I snagged some giant damaged canvases from work and some paint samples from various paint stores. I’m going to be doing a collaborative project with a few of my neighbors, probably rather abstract. Should be a lot of fun working under the guise of a collective.

And also further artistic developments… I’m trying to get my stuff shown somewhere. The Bar Of Soap posted on Facebook that they’re looking for new art, so I emailed the guy, and he likes my stuff. The Benjamin Moore paint store where I got some free samples has recently opened a mini-gallery, and the manager there really likes my stuff as well. I’m toying with the idea of entering a few contests, if I can convince myself to get over the entry fee. And I really need to send an email to the guy at The Courtyard Gallery. One of the owners of the building the gallery is in came into True Blue a while back and we started talking. I described my art and she said it sounds like something he would be totally into. Then the holidays happened and then I started dating someone and I just haven’t gotten around to contacting him. I’ll probably use my week of free time to do that, along with venture out to galleries and venues outside of downtown and try my luck. Hopefully I’ll have another show coming up soon.

But that’s about it for now. I seriously need to get some sleep. The End.