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Of the ACC and penguins

Carolina forward John Henson didn’t play today against NC State. John Henson as in two-year defensive player of the year. First team All-ACC selection. He leads the league in rebounds and blocks and averages a double-double. NC State was sure to be on fire, knowing they have to make their case to even get into the NCAA tournament. So of course Carolina managed to squeak out a win.

On the other hand, Duke was playing without Ryan Kelly. He doesn’t lead the ACC in any statistical categories, and he didn’t even make third team. They were playing a Florida State team which hasn’t been very impressive the past few weeks, but has already punched their ticket for the tournament and can relax a little. So of course Duke managed to choke and lose a close one.

To which I say… all is right with the world! Now let’s just hope Carolina can pull off a win tomorrow and get some revenge against Florida State. If not, it’s gonna be a long week.

And just because, here’s a video of penguins on a plane…




Of dumpster diving and foxes

So yesterday I went to the recycling center to drop off my recycling. As I was putting stuff into the “mixed paper” dumpster I saw a stack of magazines. Most of them were fairly recent, all in good condition, some still in the mailing plastic. They included this National Geographic from March 2011, with a cover story about domesticating wild animals through selective breeding:

This raises three very important questions…

1. Why would someone throw away a bunch of perfectly good magazines, most likely unread, when there are so many places that take donations of magazines and so many people who might like to read them?

2. Why was I digging through the dumpster?

And perhaps most importantly,

3. ZOMG PET FOX?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


Evidently you can get your own pet fox, direct from Siberia, through Sibfox. Soooooooo who wants to loan me $6000 so I can have a pet fox? I’ll name him after you! Well, unless you have a stupid name.