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March Madness

It’s been almost three weeks since I wrote anything here, and I’m not exactly sure why. It’s not like a whole lot has actually been going on in my life. So yeah…

A guy came into the store a few weeks ago. He’s a photographer who works at a print shop, and he said some friends of his were trying to open a gallery. I showed him some of my stuff and he loved it. We set up a time to meet and talk about stuff, but he had an appointment that went late, so we decided to reschedule. That was the last I heard from him – he hasn’t replied to my emails since. I’m not sure what that’s all about.

It’s been about a week since I’ve heard from or seen Katie. Last Sunday we got together, and I called her in the middle of the week to see what she was up to. She had some family stuff going down, so we talked about possibly getting together on the weekend. She posted on Facebook a few days later that her phone had died, and she would be getting a new one on her next day off. I sent her a message and asked if she needed a ride or anything, but never got a reply. Last night I messaged her again and asked if she got a phone yet, and gave her my number again in case she lost her contacts. I haven’t heard from her since. I’m not sure what that’s all about either.

It snowed last night. The weather has been absolutely insane lately, and my sinuses have been killing me. I have a weird schedule this week, with two days off, then a day on, then two more off. I’m trying to wrap up some art projects, and hopefully check out a few more galleries and coffee shops that might be interested in my stuff.

But the main thing going on lately is college basketball. With the exception of a stinker of a loss to Duke, my Tar Heels have been pretty hot this month. And now of course we have the NCAA Tournament. I’ve entered three different bracket games, and so far I’m doing pretty well. I doubt I’ll win any grand prizes, but a small prize would be nice. I’m doing better than the so-called “experts” at the CBS Sports website, so at least I can gloat about that.

There really isn’t a whole lot else going on. Like I said, my life is a little on the boring side lately. But I suppose there are worse problems to have, eh?



No-see TV

I came home from work and went to turn on the Carolina game, only to see a bunch of squiggly lines dancing across my screen. I checked all the connections, tried bypassing my A/B switch, swapped out some cables, and nothing. Evidently my television decided to die today. I’m not really sure why, and it gave pretty much no warning signs. Last night Lucie came over and we watched a movie and everything looked fine, and less than 24 hours later I can’t see crap. Awesome.

I found a TV on craigslist for $50, the guy claims to have a money back guarantee. The down side is I have to drive all the way to Canton, but it will still be cheaper than buying a new one. And probably a little safer than buying something from Goodwill. Of course it will be heavy as fuck, but oh well. Hopefully it will look pretty good and I’ve only lost $50 and a little of my time.

I did manage to listen to the Carolina game, watch the squiggly screen, and follow the game tracker on, so that was better than nothing. They got quite a scare and were really lucky to come out with a win. It should be pretty obvious to everyone now that Kendall Marshall is without a doubt the best point guard in the country and the most important player on the UNC roster. Hopefully he’ll be able to play on Sunday, because if he doesn’t and some people *coughcoughBarnescoughcough* don’t step up in a HUGE way then their season will be over.

I started every paragraph in this entry with the word I. Awesome. And on that note I’ll wrap this up. The End.


March Madness indeed

March is turning out to be quite mad indeed, in more ways than one.

On a personal note, I haven’t been getting a lot of sleep lately, for one reason or another. And what should have been a fun evening out tonight got cancelled by the ever elusive Charlie. I resorted to doing Bojangles for dinner, which may not have been the best decision, digestively speaking. But yeah… enough about me.

How about the real Madness? The NCAA Tournament is underway and it’s been pretty insane thus far. First UNCA got totally robbed by horrible officiating, in what should have been the historic first victory of a #16 seed. Then Missouri choked and ruined a full half of my bracket (I had them losing in the championship game. So much for being pissed about getting a #2 seed and playing with a chip on their shoulders.)

But I can take solace in the fact that not only did Carolina win handily, but Duke became the second #2 seed to lose. Hopefully Carolina will win Sunday and make things that much more sweet. But really, Duke has to feel like shit when even NC State goes further in the tournament than they do. It’s a great day to be a Tar Heel.

I guess that’s about it. There’s plenty more I could write about, but I really don’t feel like it. Deal with it.


Of the ACC and penguins

Carolina forward John Henson didn’t play today against NC State. John Henson as in two-year defensive player of the year. First team All-ACC selection. He leads the league in rebounds and blocks and averages a double-double. NC State was sure to be on fire, knowing they have to make their case to even get into the NCAA tournament. So of course Carolina managed to squeak out a win.

On the other hand, Duke was playing without Ryan Kelly. He doesn’t lead the ACC in any statistical categories, and he didn’t even make third team. They were playing a Florida State team which hasn’t been very impressive the past few weeks, but has already punched their ticket for the tournament and can relax a little. So of course Duke managed to choke and lose a close one.

To which I say… all is right with the world! Now let’s just hope Carolina can pull off a win tomorrow and get some revenge against Florida State. If not, it’s gonna be a long week.

And just because, here’s a video of penguins on a plane…



Sweet redemption

Is it true that it’s lonely at the top? Ask Carolina. They DESTROYED d00k and now sit all alone on top of the ACC standings. Now that they’ve finally gotten the bitter taste of that last game out of their mouths they can begin their tear through the NCAA tournament while the d00kies make their annual Second Round Choke. Good game boys.


My upcoming week should be pretty jam-packed. Let’s see……….

I just got done watching Carolina beat the crap out of Maryland. On Saturday they’ll do the same thing to Duke. But more on that later.

Tomorrow (in addition to being the wonderful and magical day known as “Laundry Day”) I will be meeting a girl named Meghan, whom I have been emailing for the past two months or so. She was in Korea teaching and just recently came back to this neck of the planet. We’re going to meet up at the Carolina cinema for the Thursday Horror Picture Show, which this week will be showing Bride Of Dracula. Should be a fun time.

Friday I may or may not be getting together with Charlie. She’s been a bit hard to get ahold of lately and I’m not exactly sure what’s going on there. Her car is evidently having some serious issues, so if we do get together I’ll be driving there. But I still haven’t heard from her, so it’s all up in the air.

Saturday is the day of the aforementioned ass-whooping that Duke will receive courtesy of my Tar Heels. There’s absolutely no reason they should have won the first meeting, and you know Carolina is pretty pissed at themselves for letting that happen. I expect them to play with more passion than they have all year and put on a clinic on How To Beat Your Opponent Senseless. And let’s be honest, Duke kinda sucks at home this year. Unless Austin Rivers has another career night, things could get pretty ugly for the Devils. Just the way we like it.

And last, but certainly not least… Sunday I will be going to see The Lemonheads at The Orange Peel. Not only that, but I will be going for free, courtesy of my extremely awesome friend Sarah. I can’t even explain how psyched I am about this. They’ll be playing their classic album It’s A Shame About Ray in its entirety. I was about 14 when that album came out, and even though I didn’t realize it at the time, it pretty much shaped my musical tastes for the next 20 years. I spent most of my childhood listening to top 40 pop and my parents’ favorites such as The Beatles and old Motown classics. In the late 80’s I started to get into hair metal, and when Nirvana broke big in 1991 I was a full-fledged rocker. But there was something missing in all this loud noisy stuff I was listening to. That something was big melodic hooks that bury themselves deep in your brain and refuse to leave. Ever. When I first heard The Lemonheads’ cover of “Mrs. Robinson” I knew I had found what I was looking for – the perfect bridge between my earlier pop favorites and the loud guitar rock I was listening to at the time. I bought It’s A Shame About Ray (albeit the rereleased version that included “Mrs. Robinson” and changed “My Drug Buddy” to “Buddy”) and the rest was history. They never became my favorite band, but to this day that is one of my favorite records. Nearly every band I’ve fallen for in the past two decades has had that same combination of crunchy guitars, folksy strumming, and huge pop hooks. Now I’m about to see the band that helped start me on this crazy journey in search of the perfect power pop song. I’ll be sure and post some pictures, maybe a video, and a nice little concert review, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, I think I’m going to wrap this up and relax a little. Last night I somehow managed to fall asleep at 10:30, but I’m still somewhat exhausted. I’m pretty sure my body hates me for all the sleepless nights and caffeine binges. The End.



How exactly does an experienced team that has been in a lot of close game situations absolutely throw one away like that? We had this game in the bag with three minutes to go, and then decide to stop making free throws, stop defending the three-point line, and even tip in a basket or two for the other team. Dammit Carolina, get your shit together. If you throw away the game in Durham, well, I’ve got a good mind to ring your doorbell and run.


Being sick sucks.

I woke up Friday feeling pretty bad, and felt bad most of the day. I woke up Saturday feeling much improved. I went out with my friend and had a pretty good time. But the pizza place screwed up and put sausage on my half. It was under the cheese and not very flavorful, so by the time I saw a piece and realized it I had already eaten two slices. I ended up getting really sick to my stomach, which probably depleted my body of nutrients and electrolytes. When I woke up Sunday morning I felt worse, and felt pretty bad all day at work. I ended up working part of my shift by myself and was just in a pissy mood all day. I’ll most likely call in tomorrow and take advantage of two days in a row of nothing to do. Some sleep would definitely do me some good.

The entire day wasn’t bad however. Duke lost again. At home. I’m really pumped for game Wednesday night. A win over Duke would be a nice redemption for Carolina after their embarrassing performance at Florida State a while back. But if Duke manages to beat Carolina, that would put Florida State in sole possession of first place in the ACC. Did anyone think that was even remotely possible a few months ago? Crazy.

And I guess that’s about it for now. I’ll attempt to make my next blog more interesting, I promise.


Yesterday was pretty odd. I started off the day in a somewhat blah mood. Work was pretty steady all day, but somehow I felt bored all day. My beloved Tar Heels got the ever-loving snot kicked out of them, which I still can’t comprehend. Then on my walk home for some reason my thoughts completely turned to a certain someone (the online relationship I briefly mentioned in my very first blog) and I got myself rather upset thinking about everything that had happened and where I might go from there. Then I got home and made dinner, started working on a picture, and shortly afterword said person got online, and it turned into a three-hour conversation in which everything seemed to fall into place and I knew it would be all right after all. Then at around 1:30 AM I decided to go to Walmart, and lo and behold it’s snowing. The world looks so perfect when it’s snowing. Words cannot express.

Of course the snow didn’t stick, and by the time I woke up there was nothing. Work was extremely slow today and we spent the whole time goofing off, so that was a nice change of pace. A little more grocery shopping, some dinner, new episode of Family Guy, some music, continued work on my new drawing, more online convos, etc. Lather, rinse, repeat.

So yeah… not really much of a point here, just rambling about my day(s).  I’ll wrap things up by posting the piece, which I think is finished now. I just uploaded it to deviantart, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, and someone has already added it as a favorite, so I guess that means it’s finished. Anyways, here it is, “Disconnect”


Oh and by the way…

Duke lost! Ha!

This makes me happy.