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A MUCH better day

Today started off kinda blah and filled with trepidation. I still hadn’t heard from Kat, so now I was wondering why. Did I do something wrong? Was she avoiding me? Was she not the person I thought she was? Or maybe something had happened? Was she okay? Would I hear from her at all? Were we still on for tonight?

I did my best to not think about it at work. I tried to stay positive and distract myself with other things. Then on my lunch break I called her and it went straight to voicemail. I came back to work with my head hung low and didn’t expect much to change. Another case of a girl screwing me over for no apparent reason. I would survive, God knows it’s happened enough by now that I’m used to it. Oh well.

Then about an hour later my phone starts ringing and it’s her. Turns out all of my fears were unwarranted – she had left her phone in her friend’s car the other night and couldn’t find it until today. She apologized profusely and assured me that we were still on. The new plan was to meet outside by the big statue of an iron and figure out where to go to dinner. While I was standing in front of True Blue talking to her I glanced down and saw something shiny. I bend over to pick it up and realize it’s a necklace charm of Mario in the raccoon suit. Sweet!!! So anyways, we decided on Jerusalem Garden, and then after that we went to The One Stop and I showed her my artwork and we had some drinks.

Jerusalem Garden was pretty good. We ended up sitting in the back on one of the low tables, and with it being Friday there was a belly dancer. I splurged and got lamb shawarma; she got the chicken kabob. We talked about everything from food to culture to world travel to politics, and nothing seemed forced or awkward. I feel like I can really talk to her and totally be myself without worrying what her reaction will be. She seemed to feel the same way, and everything flowed very naturally.

Back at The One Stop I gave her the whole guided tour, explaining a few of my paintings and answering some questions. She said she really liked my stuff, and that she has some friends back home who would probably like it too, so she might wind up buying them prints for Christmas presents. Definitely not going to complain there! I need all the sales I can get. Hell, I’d even throw in the I Have A Total Crush On You discount.

She got a phone call from her roommate, who was downtown and needed a ride home. She said she would come join us in a little while. In the meantime we got drinks and talked some more, this time about everything from music to Film Noir to roommates to relationships. Again, everything felt totally natural. Her roommate finally showed up, but mostly kept to herself – partly because she was busy making paper cranes and, I think, partly because she just wanted to stay out of our way and let us do our thing. As the night went on we both reached out and chatted with her so she wouldn’t feel like the third wheel, but she seemed completely fine with it. She strikes me as a really sweet person, so I definitely don’t mind if she hangs out with us from time to time.

Before we left I snagged a beer coaster for a beer called He’Brew, mostly because it made me laugh. We walked to the parking garage, her roommate stopping every few yards to place a paper crane in some unusual spot, like the seat of a motorcycle. We had some random conversation about all the construction they’re doing and then we reached her car. I told her that I pretty much suck at figuring out the tempo of these sorts of things. She said slow was good. With that in mind I didn’t attempt a kiss, but I made damn sure I got my hug. I told her that I would like to get together again soon. She said she had a lovely time and agreed that we should. I walked to my car, drove home, chatted with my roommate and Joshua for a bit, and started blogging.  Now it’s time to veg out a little and then get some sleep. Thus concludes my much better day.




Ah, another fun day of interacting with the public.

The Highlight: A guy in a wheelchair came into the store. I commented on how he had lights on the front wheels, which was pretty awesome. He said he put them on there in November as a seasonal thing, and now it’s May and he’s just that annoying neighbor who never takes down their Christmas lights. Heartwarming, eh?

The Lowlight: A Big Tough Guy screamed slurs at “a couple of dykes” who crossed in front of him (in the crosswalk, no less) and made him have to step on the brakes and slow down his Big Tough Truck. Seriously dude? I seem to remember something from driver’s ed called YIELD TO PEDESTRIANS ALREADY IN CROSSWALK. Yes, even gay ones. Grow a pair, douchenozzle.

And finally, a picture. It was slow as shit at work today. Lucky for me I brought a few of my blank coasters for Asheville Brewing’s coaster art contest. I used a counterfeit detector pen to copy the portrait of George Washington from the dollar bill. Yep, you heard me correctly. DOLLA DOLLA BILL Y’ALL!