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Forgive my overuse of apostrophes at the end of words. I don’t know what I was thinkin’.

But in all seriousness… I must be the least productive unemployed blogger on the planet. I just don’t feel like I have much of anything to write about, and I pretty much never feel inspired to write. Yet I have a ton of newfound free time and I’m running out of things to do with it. First world problems?

Basically I’ve spent every business day dropping off resumes and doing related things. I’ve done more online applications than you can shake a stick at. About the only one I haven’t done is the application for Lead Stick Shaker, and that’s mostly because the hours are terrible. But I digress.

Last Thursday I went to a job fair at AB Tech. It was mostly medical and manufacturing, so not a lot of good leads. There was one animal hospital there, and I gave them my resume and talked for a while. They’re way out in Hendersonville almost to Flat Rock, so if I had to travel that far, salary would definitely be a deciding factor in whether or not I accepted any job offer. There were a lot of staffing services and companies advertising their job bank websites at the fair, but I’ve yet to find anything I’m both qualified for and interested in on any of them.

I’m also not sure if the people working these booths are poorly informed, or if they have quotas to fill and feel compelled to lie, but quite a few of them did just that. For a data entry position at AB Tech, the woman at the booth told me I just needed to have a degree, it didn’t matter what it was. I went to the website to apply and it tells me I need to have a degree in a business-related field. A hotel that was represented there told me I didn’t need any previous hotel experience, but their website said it was required. I can probably think of another half-dozen examples, but you get my point. It’s a little frustrating when people tell you to your face that you’re qualified and hand you a sheet with a website, but then you go to the page and see just the opposite.

But yeah so, not a of luck with the job search as of yet. Besides that, not a lot of anything going on. I’ve been spending entirely too much time watching DVD’s from the library and other assorted mind-numbing television. I’ve hung out with my neighbors so much that I’m almost sick of them. On Saturday I went to the Montford Music & Arts Festival for a while and stopped by a house that was having a yard sale and had their unsold leftovers on the curb. I managed to snag a few CD’s, a bunch of fountain pens and accessories, and a really sweet little shelf. That’s pretty much been the highlight of the past week, if that tells you anything.

So yeah… thus is my boring life. I need a job or some other influx of money, and then I need to meet a cute girl to spend that money on. Or something like that.





I’m in a weird mood tonight. I’m not tired. It’s too late to go anywhere. I can’t seem to get motivated to finish a painting I started earlier. I’m bored, but I’m not sure why, or what to do about it.

Most of the past week has been rather low-key for me. Yesterday I went to World Market and Big Lots, managing to find a few things I needed, a few I didn’t, and some random birthday goodies for Katie. Her birthday is Wednesday, but I probably won’t be seeing her again until her party on Saturday. She hurt her back, so I haven’t seen much of her at all in the past week, and she’s heading to Atlanta to visit her dad tomorrow. While the introvert in me enjoys the alone time, I’d gotten rather used to seeing her almost every day. For some reason I just had a flashback to “I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face.”

Saturday night I went out to the Bywater with my neighbors. While we had a good time, every time I go out I’m reminded why I don’t like drinking out. I didn’t have any cash on me so Angela paid my cover in exchange for a drink. The drink I bought her plus two for myself ended up costing $18. I could by a pretty nice bottle of booze for that. Makes me wonder just how much money bars take in every night. Then I start daydreaming about buying a bar. And naming it “Puzzles” of course.

Work has been mostly uneventful. Last night I randomly got an earache, and when I woke up this morning it was still there. It eventually spread to my sinuses, and when I took something it left my sinuses for the greener pastures of my forehead. Eventually everything felt normal again. I have the next two days off, and I’m pretty sure this crazy weather will bother my sinuses again. Yay!

I can’t think of much else interesting to write about. Perhaps I’ll find the motivation to finish my painting. Or I might just sit here until I finally get tired. Whichever comes first.



I’m bored.

Like, really bored.

So bored I’m writing a blog about nothing.

I got home from work today and wandered over to my neighbor Crystal’s apartment. She’s been bugging me to introduce her to this police officer who sometimes works at the gas station. I knew he would be working tonight, so I went to see if she wanted to go ride up there. Her oldest daughter was supposed to be watching her youngest daughter, but was nowhere in sight, so she couldn’t go anywhere until further notice.

I made some dinner and lounged around for a little while. I grabbed my guitar and sat on the front porch playing, hoping neighbors would appear out of the woodwork and cure my boredom. But alas, ’twas not to be. I briefly talked to my neighbor Michelle as she was walking to her car. She was going over someone’s house for their birthday, and once again was not accompanied by her cute friend.

My roommate got home and went out on the front porch to smoke and chat with some of her friends. For some reason my body has just completely rejected even a hint of cigarette smoke lately. My nose fills with the smell until I can’t smell anything else, gets really super dry and itchy, and I find it hard to breathe. The only thing that seems to work is to blow my nose, take a few puffs of saline spray, and force myself to inhale something that smells good, like an air freshener. Then all the nicotine makes me feel jittery and sometimes I get a headache. I’m going to have to start shutting all the windows in the house, even though the weather outside is gorgeous and the perfect temperature for leaving windows open. The day she stops talking about quitting and finally does literally cannot get here soon enough.

But yeah, that’s pretty much all that’s going on. Mass amounts of boredom, a guitar, a lack of cute girls, and some cigarette smoke. Fun times. Mental note: find something to do tomorrow night.


The other day while I was doing my Civic Duty (no, the other civic duty) I saw the most amazing campaign sign EVAR. I admit, I haven’t done my homework, and I don’t know a lot about Dan Forest. But in the event this election was about having the most awesome slogan, homeboy has my vote (and then some, if there’s any truth to this whole “voter fraud” thing I keep hearing about.)



And in the event that wasn’t enough awesome for your day, I got really bored. And you know what they say about bored guys with Photoshop. Well, I don’t actually know if they say anything. But they probably should. I mean seriously, look at this shit. Geez.



So yeah, that just happened.


One of the best things about working at an art supply store is that you are literally surrounded by art supplies. Surprisingly enough, quite a few of them are actually at your disposal… Continue reading

Some of you may know that I currently work two jobs. The job I like to consider my main job, the I-actually-enjoy-coming-to-work-and-somewhat-use-my-degree job is working at an art supply store downtown. My other job, which I’ve had much longer, currently work fewer hours at, and am growing increasingly tired of, is working at a gas station. Usually it’s a pretty fast paced and stressful environment, but this is our slow time of year and things have been pretty boring lately.

Taped to the registers is a little piece of paper with two years typed on it. If someone is born on or before today’s date in the given year, they are old enough to legally purchase alcohol or tobacco, depending on which date you’re looking at. When the new year rolled around, the dates needed to change. Now someone born on today’s date in 1991 can buy alcohol and in 1994 can buy cigarettes (god I feel old!) Rather than taking a few minutes to print up a new piece of paper with new dates on it, the manager just grabbed a price gun, put in the numbers for the appropriate years, and stuck a price tag over the old years.

I got bored and decided to add to it a little bit, which resulted in this:



To my surprise, no one seemed to notice. I pointed it out to a few coworkers, who got a good chuckle out of it. The manager never said anything, so either he didn’t see it or he didn’t care. Either way, I felt like when boredom struck again and the time came to add to the second register, I had to up the ante a bit. I tried to think of the most random thing I could, and I decided while I was at it, I might as well make it educational:



Even if no one seems to care about this register modification, at least I can feel like I’ve accomplished something. Let us never forget the drubbing the Brits took on that fateful day in 1066, for without it we’d still be speaking indecipherable Old English babble.