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Lately I’ve just been too busy to write anything in this damn blog. Oh well.

The early part of my week was spent watching and reading about the debates – first the Jon Stewart vs. Bill O’Reilly “Rumble 2012,” then the vice presidential debate. I’m not sure which one was more entertaining. Also, this is now a thing: when someone is lying through their teeth and you punk them down, you “Biden” them. Fun times.

I had Tuesday and Wednesday off for a change, but my sinuses were killing me and my friends were busy, so I didn’t take advantage of having consecutive off-days. I started on a new painting, which is coming along rather well. Between work, reading for my classes, and this new piece, I’ve pretty much had no free time.

Last night I after work I went to my former coworker’s art opening, then came home and cooked dinner. I was so exhausted I fell asleep doing my reading. I woke up an hour later, my body aching, determined to finish the lesson and do a few other productive things. I forced myself to stay up an hour later than I normally would have so I could accomplish these things, and then wound up oversleeping this morning and having to take the bus to work instead of walking.

Today at work, my dream girl from a few posts previous came in again. Once again we got into a long conversation, only ended by her having to leave. To my surprise, she had in fact gone to my website and looked at my artwork. Based on my little bio page, her and her roommate tried to guess my age, and her roommate got it right. She’s only 19, so she then launched into a discourse about how she always seems to attract older guys, and how even when they’re older, they’re still too immature for her. She said that her boyfriend (also named Chris) was only two years older, but that it was old enough to count, because he would be graduating next year and she’d still be in school. She then said something like, “not that I expect it to last that long.” I told her that in the event it didn’t last, and she needed another Chris to step in and fill the void, I would proudly offer my services. She giggled and told me that was really sweet. We chatted some more, and I said that even though she never has free time and has a boyfriend, it would be cool to hang out sometime. She sounded a bit startled and said, “well I am allowed to have friends.” She then asked for my number and sent me a text message so I’d have hers. I’m not really sure how to ask her out without it sounding like I’m asking her to cheat on her boyfriend. Since she’s only 19 I can’t just say “let’s grab a drink sometime,” and I can’t invite her to the Tav Falco show I hope to go to next week. I don’t know of any events going on in the near future, and asking her to dinner or a movie sounds too much like a date, and I don’t want to be the cause of any drama. I’m sure I’ll think of something, and hopefully see her again soon. And hopefully I won’t be bright red in the face like I was for the latter half of our conversation today. But hey, your dream girl gives you her number and talks about her current relationship probably not lasting, and you tend to blush a little here and there. It happens.

So anyway, after work I stopped at Downtown Books and News and found a few interesting things in their free bin – a paperback of The Taming Of The Shrew, some old postcards, a CD from Uncut Magazine featuring bands inspired by The Byrds, and a DVD from some music magazine full of synth and drum samples. Not a bad haul, considering the price. I came home and chatted with my neighbor, who was sitting on her front porch. Then I cooked dinner and watched Woody Allen’s Bananas, which might be my new favorite of his movies. It was like a Marx Brothers political farce set in a small South American nation. But more Jewish. Easily the most laughs per minute of any of his movies that I’ve seen. Then I got a cleaning bug up my butt and gave the bathroom a good deep cleansing. Now I think I’ll read another chapter in my studies and try to get to bed at a decent hour for once. The End.



This whole two-jobs-classes-and-a-social-life thing is taking its toll on me. I feel like I never get enough sleep, and I’m way behind on my reading for my classes. What I really need is a bit more self-discipline so I can force myself to catch back up, both on homework and sleep.

I’ve been hanging out with my neighbors a lot, after a brief period of locking myself up in my room. I haven’t really seen much of anyone else, however. I haven’t heard from Kat in a while; I’m guessing she’s even more busy than I am, so who knows where that might be going. I’ll be seeing Sarah on Monday – we’re going to see Andrew Bird at the Peel. One last concert before she leaves the country for two years. Fun.

As far as the whole art career thing goes, I’ve been selected to be part of a three person show at the Blend Gallery in November. It’s probably better known as the Blend Lounge or “that place where you can smoke hookah,” but recently they’ve tried to remake themselves as a gallery first and everything else second. It will definitely be good exposure. Also in November we’ll be having our staff show at True Blue, so I’ll have some stuff there too. I’m not sure why I haven’t been more diligent about posting things like this. I guess I’ve just decided that this is my “personal” blog and my Tumblr is more for art related things. So yeah.

And speaking of work, with one employee gone to Penland for two months and another moving soon, we did some hiring. I’ve worked two shifts with one of the new girls, and she seems alright. I’m not really sure why, seeing as how she’s not really anything I usually go for, but I find her quite sexy. But I know better than to even attempt something with a coworker, that pretty much never works. But a customer, well that’s a different story…

This girl came in today and asked if I remembered her. She’s a student and used to come in all the time last year, and she’s absolutely gorgeous, so there’s no way I’d forget her. Out of nowhere she just starts talking my ear off. Not that I minded. She told me about her classes, her art, her roommates, her family, being broke, not having a car, never getting any sleep, quitting smoking, her boyfriend……. Yeah, I was totally on board until that last one. She mentioned him about three times, even telling me that he has the same name that I do. But based on what she was saying and her body language, it seemed like she was totally flirting with me. Even my coworker thought so. And our conversation ended up lasting around 45 minutes, which is probably more than all of our other conversations added together.

To further my theory that she was flirting, she told me about how she was a model on the side for the figure drawing classes at UNCA. She said that all up and down the hall are drawings of her nude. She said that pretty much everyone in the art department has at some point in time drawn her. Her boyfriend, while not an art major, has his department in the same building, so he’s seen the pictures too. I commented that it sounded like things could get pretty awkward. She denied it, but at the same time was turning bright red. I told her I didn’t believe her, because she was blushing just telling me about it. She said she wasn’t, that it was just really hot in here. I was at a pretty comfortable temperature. The high today barely hit 70 degrees, and most of the day it was rainy and way below that. And we had the air conditioning running. So either she’s extremely sensitive to warm temperatures, or she was in fact blushing while telling me about posing nude for her entire department.

There were a few other exchanges that were like that, although none quite as awkward. I got the vibe that the whole time she was trying to put forth the best possible image of herself, like she was trying to impress me or something. She giggled a lot, often stammered, and went off on long tangents that weren’t really related to whatever we had been talking about before. I’m convinced that she showed all the signs of flirting with me. Which makes me wonder why she would go out of her way to mention that she had a boyfriend. Perhaps she’s sizing me up as a potential replacement for whenever they happen to break up? A guy can dream! If that was the case I certainly wouldn’t complain. As I said before, this girl is gorgeous, and she really has a wonderful personality. She seems very intelligent, and we obviously have a lot of common interests. Basically, she’s the kind of girl I could fall for in a heartbeat. She said she wanted to see my art, so I gave her my card, and specifically told her to go like my Facebook page. Ever since then that’s pretty much all I’ve thought about, hoping that at some point in the near future I’ll log on and see that she liked my page and I can add her as a friend and send her a message. Who knows, maybe it will happen. But if nothing ever comes of it, I got in some good quality flirting with an amazing girl, and that’s pretty much its own reward, right?

I’m sure there are other interesting things that have happened recently in my life, but I’m kinda blanking on what they might be. I guess that’s my cue to end this thing already…


Busy busy busy…

Life has been crazy lately. Two jobs, two online classes, actively trying to get my artwork into galleries, three concerts in the span of a week, trying to get caught up on How I Met Your Mother before the new season starts, and still finding time to hang out with my neighbors…

Sleep pretty much hasn’t been an option. And I keep slacking on things I should do, like finish that commission I got forever ago. Or paint on the gigantic canvas and pieces of wood that have been in my living room for over a month. But instead, here I am doodling silly little pictures.

Like this one…..




So yeah… that happened. As a side note, I’m not at all Irish. But I am one-quarter clever on my mom’s side and one-eighth hilarious on my dad’s side. And now it’s time for bed…..


Today I went to AB Tech and registered for the first and second level veterinary assistant classes. Now all I have to do is go to the website and create my enrollment thingie and they’ll send me a link with the rest. This could be an important new chapter in my life. Getting out of retail, dealing with animals instead of humans, etc. Wish me luck!

In other news… the first shots in the war have been fired. Today the management of my apartment complex towed not one, not two, but fifteen cars. Joshua went to talk to them, and evidently the whole thing is a scheme to make sure that the towing company gets business and that the driver’s girlfriend (who lives in the complex) always has a place to park. As far as the personal-stuff-in-the-yard thing, evidently they only care about tenants they don’t like. My roommate went to the office to ask what she should do about her gigantic flower pots, and they told her she had nothing to worry about. My roommate is white, dresses nicely, pays her bills on time, and is fairly attractive. They essentially told her these new rules were meant to discourage a handful of “problem” tenants. Based on what she told me of their conversation, I’m guessing the problem is either financial status, appearance, or race. Wonderful.

We all gathered round and chatted a little about our plan to form a neighborhood association. We got sidetracked and started talking about the state of world politics in general. Contained in this conversation was this nugget of wisdom from Joshua, when asked “what are people?” – “People are like corporations. Without rights.”

But yeah, that about sums things up. I’m determined to get more sleep tonight, and work comes early. The End.


I never really mind being single until I’ve spent some time around a couple. I mean, sure, I’d rather be with someone. But if I’m not, no big deal. I have friends, I have other outlets, I’ll survive. But for some reason, whenever I spend any amount of time around a couple (not just any couple, but a couple) I get super uncomfortable with my singleness. I feel extra lonely, and every moment of every day is filled with dread – what if I never find someone? What if I’m single forever?

My roommate and my neighbor (I like both of them, individually at least) have become one such couple. They spend a lot of their time together, and they often do couple things, like cook together. They’ve even gotten comfortable enough with their relationship that they’ve started with various levels of P.D.A. They’re too cutesy, and too joined at the hip. I understand that because of their triangular situation they can’t really spend any time at his place. But that doesn’t mean they have to spend all day and all night over here. Thankfully tonight they’ve gone out, so I can finally have some alone time. I’m still just as single when I’m alone as when they’re around, but for some reason it feels much more bearable.

I’m hoping my singleness might end soon. My neighbor Michelle is going to try to play matchmaker for me with her awesome friend Kat. Evidently she tried to get up with her tonight but she couldn’t get ahold of her. Obviously simply bringing her friend over won’t instantly change my status one bit. But over the past year or so I’ve built up this previously unknown level of confidence, and when we hung out last week we really hit it off nicely. So there’s probably a good chance I’ll at least get a date out of it. Whatever happens I’ll definitely be in debt to Michelle, I know I’m probably a huge pain in the ass. But yeah, fingers crossed…

In completely unrelated news…

The other day a course catalog from AB Tech came in the mail. I’ve resisted the concept of “going back to school” for a long time now, but I’m really sick of the world of retail. I was browsing through the online classes and saw a three level course to become a veterinary assistant. I’ve always loved animals, and while it probably wouldn’t pay any more than what I’m making now, it would be great to get out of retail and spend my day surrounded by animals. I sent an email to the address listed in the catalog asking if there were any prerequisites that I didn’t see listed, and if these three classes were all I would need to become a veterinary assistant. If so, I think I’ll go for it. The classes aren’t that expensive, comparatively speaking, and with it being an online class I wouldn’t have to worry about missing work. I’ll keep you posted.

In further unrelated news…

I have a painting that I’m attempting to sell CHEAP. I did it one day at work, I think I might have posted a picture on here. I used nothing but store-use supplies and a damaged canvas, so it didn’t cost me anything. I don’t really like it either. I figure if I sell it dirt cheap someone will want it. I might post a picture to Facebook and see if anyone is interested. If not I might end up giving it to Michelle as a reward for her matchmaking abilities. I guess we’ll see.

Aaaaaaand that’s about it. I’m pretty boring lately. The End.