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Today I had a doctor’s appointment. And I totally had to Google that to find out that “doctor’s appointment” was the correct way to say that. It was a follow-up to my appointment about two weeks ago, when I had a fasting lab. The results were overwhelmingly positive. My cholesterol and triglycerides continued to come down and all of my other readings were in the normal range. My triglyceride count is still a little high and my “good” cholesterol is still a little low, but compared to where I was a year ago, things are looking pretty good.

I’ve been getting niacin supplements from Amazing Savings for about as long as I’ve been taking them. With it being a discount store, you pretty much know that what you see there won’t be there forever. But they’ve had niacin as long as I could remember, and there didn’t seem to be any end to that. And then there was an end. I’ve looked everywhere, but most stores only carry the “flush free” niacin, which is usually inositol hexaniacinate, which doesn’t seem to really work. The Natrol brand niacin that Amazing Savings had is nicotinic acid, and obviously it’s been working. But now every pharmacy that used to sell the complete line of Natrol supplements only has a few, and no one seems to know why. After my appointment I went on the hunt again, and finally tracked down a 500 mg niacin that wasn’t flush free at Rite Aid, so hopefully it will work as well as the Natrol brand has. Fingers crossed.

Originally I was supposed to go see Andrew Bird with my friend Sarah tonight. We were discussing when to meet up and whatnot when it was announced that the show was cancelled. Evidently his van broke down somewhere in Kentucky. The show was rescheduled for October 21. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do that, I’ll have to look at my finances. I’m already having to miss work on the 20th because that’s when I have to take my stuff down from The One Stop. As of right now I couldn’t afford to miss two days of work in the same week. Maybe I could leave early or something, who knows. Sarah took this as a blessing in disguise and didn’t want to do anything else, instead electing to stay at home and catch up on some things. I thought about calling some friends, but figured it was too short notice. I ended up just getting some Chinese takeout and watching How I Met Your Mother. It’s been rainy and dismal all day, which means that no matter how much sleep I got last night and no matter how much caffeine I’ve consumed, I’m sleepy. So I guess it’s just as well. Going to concerts and/or hanging out with friends while trying to stay awake isn’t exactly idea.

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This morning I went to the doctor for a little checkup. It appears that the combination of niacin and fish oil is doing the trick. My triglycerides were down to 354 (from 760), my HDL was at 35, and my overall cholesterol was 151. The triglyceride numbers are still pretty high compared to “normal,” but they’re a lot better than they were six months ago. My thyroid is right smack in the optimal range, my weight has leveled off for the most part, and my BMI is normal too. To try to bring the triglycerides down further he wants me to increase my dose of niacin, and squeeze in more fish oil if I can, but overall things are looking good.

And now for those of you who aren’t interested in health issues, have a new picture…

“The Flow Of Information”


“…we should’ve known better than to park our ideas in a tow-away zone.”


I went to the doctor for a lab this morning. They’re checking my thyroid again to see if my levels have changed and my medication needs to be upped, in addition to checking my cholesterol and triglycerides. They didn’t call me back this afternoon like they typically do after a lab, so I’m guessing they’ll call me tomorrow and let me know how it went. I’ll go back to the doctor in a month for a checkup and then go from there. I feel like the increased niacin and fish oil has helped somewhat – my weight has pretty much leveled off and I feel a bit better. Whether or not that translates to an actual change in levels remains to be seen. I’m pretty convinced they’ll find my thyroid level has changed slightly. I can’t think of any other reason for months of weight gain and escalating triglycerides while eating healthy and walking three miles a day. My body chemistry is just kinda screwed up I suppose. Fun times.

Tomorrow I’ll be taking three paintings to a photographer who specializes in artist portfolios. I’ve picked three of what I consider to be my best paintings, of which, for one reason or another, I couldn’t get a good photograph. I’d like to do a few more, but photography ain’t cheap. At $30 a pop, I’ll have to wait and see what kind of work this guy is capable of and how my finances go before I can commit to getting any more done. I went through the photos of my work that I’ve taken and a few of them came out good enough to use in a portfolio, so even if I only get these three paintings photographed I’ll still have around six or seven canvas pieces for my portfolio/website.

Ever hear a song and just get floored instantly? I’m listening to the new Snow Patrol album as I type this, and about three lines into the song “New York” I had no choice but to stop typing and stare at the screen. Amazingly powerful song that hits me at just the right point in my life. How about I leave you with a little quote?

If our hearts are never broken
Well there’s no joy in the mending
There’s so much this hurt can teach us both
Though there’s distance and there’s silence
Your words have never left me
They’re the prayer that I say every day.

The lone neon lights
And the heat of the ocean
And the fire that was starting to spark
I miss it all from the love to the lightning
And the lack of it snaps me in two

Credit where credit is due, I copied that from: http://www.snowpatrol.com/forum/default.aspx?cid=28&tid=593075