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I’m in a weird mood tonight. I’m not tired. It’s too late to go anywhere. I can’t seem to get motivated to finish a painting I started earlier. I’m bored, but I’m not sure why, or what to do about it.

Most of the past week has been rather low-key for me. Yesterday I went to World Market and Big Lots, managing to find a few things I needed, a few I didn’t, and some random birthday goodies for Katie. Her birthday is Wednesday, but I probably won’t be seeing her again until her party on Saturday. She hurt her back, so I haven’t seen much of her at all in the past week, and she’s heading to Atlanta to visit her dad tomorrow. While the introvert in me enjoys the alone time, I’d gotten rather used to seeing her almost every day. For some reason I just had a flashback to “I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face.”

Saturday night I went out to the Bywater with my neighbors. While we had a good time, every time I go out I’m reminded why I don’t like drinking out. I didn’t have any cash on me so Angela paid my cover in exchange for a drink. The drink I bought her plus two for myself ended up costing $18. I could by a pretty nice bottle of booze for that. Makes me wonder just how much money bars take in every night. Then I start daydreaming about buying a bar. And naming it “Puzzles” of course.

Work has been mostly uneventful. Last night I randomly got an earache, and when I woke up this morning it was still there. It eventually spread to my sinuses, and when I took something it left my sinuses for the greener pastures of my forehead. Eventually everything felt normal again. I have the next two days off, and I’m pretty sure this crazy weather will bother my sinuses again. Yay!

I can’t think of much else interesting to write about. Perhaps I’ll find the motivation to finish my painting. Or I might just sit here until I finally get tired. Whichever comes first.


Milk, booze, and phlegm

Thursday morning I braved the bitter cold to stand outside of Harvest Records for over two hours to get tickets to see Jeff Mangum (of Neutral Milk Hotel) at the Grey Eagle. The show isn’t until February, but it became the fastest sell-out in Grey Eagle history. Harvest ran out of tickets in fifteen minutes. The Grey Eagle’s website was sold out in four. Tickets went on sale at 11:00. I got there at 9:00 and was sixth in line. The girl who was first said she spent the night there. Evidently a lot of people still love Neutral Milk Hotel. But yeah so I got two tickets, and while I was there decided to pick up some new music. I got the new Menomena album on double vinyl (but the download doesn’t have any of the vinyl-only bonus tracks, wtf???) and a few used CD’s. A pretty productive morning.

Today I woke up with a sore throat and felt pretty blah for most of the day. A girl I know was having a birthday pub crawl and invited me, but I decided to decline. I watched a little TV and downed a mug of TheraFlu. Hopefully I’ll feel better soon, because tomorrow is a big day…

I’ll be going to the Mountain Xpress Best of WNC Bash to represent True Blue. And I’ll be taking Sarah. She doesn’t know how to get there, so we’re gonna meet somewhere after I get off of work and then take one car over. We’ll probably grab some dinner at the little taco stand inside the Grey Eagle. My boss wants me to be social with her for the first hour or so and then I’m free to do whatever. It’ll be a good chance to meet some local business owners and employees and do a little networking, and as a reward I get to hear free music and spend some time with Sarah. Should be a pretty fun evening.

Sunday is our Customer Appreciation Party. I don’t have to be there at any certain time, but I told her I’d come by for a little while. Other than that I pretty much have the day to do nothing. Sunday night I’ll be getting together with my other friend Sarah, the one who has been my concert hookup for the past year or so. She’s getting ready to head to South Korea to teach English and is trying to get rid of all her stuff. She’s selling me a laptop for $10. I don’t know anything about it, but the price is right. And I still owe her dinner since she bought me dinner on my birthday and then had to cancel when I had agreed to buy her dinner for her birthday. Should be yet another fun evening.

Monday I will get to give my two weeks notice at the gas station, which is most definitely cause for celebration. In addition to a much lower stress level, I’ll have an extra free day each week. And I’m joining a credit union, since I won’t have that gas station direct deposit to keep me from having to pay BB&T’s new monthly fee. Anywho, it appears this TheraFlu is starting to kick in and I’m feeling a bit woozy. Off to bed!


The first presidential debate is behind us now. From where I’m sitting, there doesn’t appear to be a clear winner. But there is definitely a clear loser – our livers.

I happened upon Debate Drinking and thought, why the hell not? I got home from work and posted a link to Facebook and then started on dinner. My neighbor Ty, his girlfriend Catie, and her friend Will came home shortly after that, saw my door was open, and came to say hello. I hadn’t met Catie before now, but evidently we’re “twinsies,” as she put it. We have a ton of stuff in common and really hit it off. She said she was excited to find someone who was interested in politics, and dragged Ty and Will over to watch the debate. My neighbors Michelle and Dustin were talking on their porch, and knowing that Michelle has a total hard on for Obama, I invited them as well. We pulled up the rules, loaded up the glasses, and got underway.

Evidently Ty and Catie get pretty loud once they’ve had some alcohol in them, and after several attempts to quiet them down didn’t work, Dustin decided to leave. They continued to talk, but the rest of us mostly tuned them out, at least long enough to catch some sound bytes to make fun of. And to know when our words had been said, necessitating another drink. All in all, this debate taught me that being the child of an alcoholic makes drinking games a futile exercise for me. I had two glasses of scotch, some vodka, and a shot of absinthe, and barely got a buzz. What buzz I did have faded within about two hours. But it was fun anyway. After the debates we watched some Youtube videos and chatted until everyone started leaving one-by-one.

My roommate and Joshua came home and enticed Michelle with some vegan chili, and her and I chatted a bit. Evidently her friend Kat has a boyfriend, which would explain her lack of communication. I’m not sure how, but I always manage to find girls who think it’s better to ignore you than to tell you news you don’t want to hear. Michelle said she’s been bugging her about how she needs to tell me, and she claims she will eventually. This is something like four girls in the past year – did I miss the memo that said ignoring someone was a good idea? I personally would much rather hear bad news than no news. If you don’t like me, you’re not feeling anything, you’re not looking for a relationship right now, there’s someone else, whatever… FUCKING TELL ME. By ignoring a person and thinking they’ll go away and things will magically be fine you show your true colors. Girls like that are not anyone I need in my life. If you can’t communicate something important, it brings into question everything you have communicated up to this point. If you dodge the hard conversations it shows you have no spine, no passion, and no empathy. This isn’t directed solely at her, and I still think she’s a really awesome person in many ways, but this is a message to women everywhere – if you behave in such a manner, you are showing yourself to be far beneath me and not worth my time. I feel sorry for whoever ends up with you, because unless you’re radically different towards others than you are to me, your future beau is going to have his hands full with a bunch of childish bullshit. Communication is paramount in any relationship. Say what you mean, mean what you say. Don’t avoid the hard talks or the tough questions, we’re talking about real people with real emotions, and they deserve to know what you think and feel. If you disagree with any of these statements and you don’t see this as a problem, then good luck in life, and I hope you don’t get fucked over the way you fuck over others.

But yeah so….. back to the debates! It seems that most media outlets are calling this a win for Romney. I’m not sure I see that at all. I will admit, he did speak with more passion and was very much on the offensive, attacking Obama at every turn. And this will probably be enough to swing a certain percentage of voters to his camp, at least for now. But the problem is, the facts weren’t on his side. Nearly half of what he said was total bullshit, and that has been verified by several independent fact-checkers. He even managed to contradict himself a few times. He wasn’t even trying to hide the fact that he was talking out of both sides of his mouth. On the other side of the stage, Obama played it cool and barely broke a sweat, and perhaps that was to his detriment. But really, what else would you expect him to do? When an idiot is attacking you with half-truths and outright lies, what do you say? Do you scream “nu-uh!!!” at the top of your lungs like most of Romney’s primary opponents did? Or do you try to bring a degree of civility and calmly point out where your challenger is wrong? Obama would be wise to bring back the passion and fire we saw in the last election, but only if he’s basing what he says on the truth. Saying something louder and more emotionally doesn’t make it any more true. Laying low doesn’t make what you’re saying false. But the problem is that the public wants a spectacle, and if you don’t give them that they’ll tune you out. So perhaps Obama needs to work on combining the fiery rhetoric with actual facts, solid policy, and the charisma and level-headedness that make him a great leader. If he can succeed in doing that, the next two debates are in the bag.

Oh, and I never did think of anything else that starts with the letter D. Oh well.


I still exist!

I haven’t posted here in forever, so I figure it’s time for a slight update. It’s also almost 1:00 AM and I have to work in the morning, so it will hopefully be a short update.

Friday, after a rather stressful day at work, I came home to find my roommate and a few neighbors hanging out on my front porch. Joshua’s kickstarter project got funded and they were celebrating, asking me if I wanted a mimosa. Why not. After half an hour or so of drinking our fancy drinks we saw Michelle going to get something from her car and asked her if she wanted to join us. Turns out she had just bought some fruity vodka and elected to share. Eventually Angela came over with some cider. We drank and goofed off and discussed philosophy, science, and religion. Ty came over and we broke out the guitars. I grabbed my box of random percussion stuff and other instruments to help entertain Phoenix, Crystal’s seven-year-old daughter. Things continued in this vein until around 11:00 when some of Michelle’s friends came by and one by one the group started to splinter off. Rather than go to sleep, I sat up talking to my roommate for a while, and then started dicking around on the internet. The next day at work was very sleepy.

I really don’t remember much of anything that happened Saturday. I was too sleepy to really know where I even was. We had a massive paper order to put away at work, so that took up the majority of the day. Sunday and Monday were mostly uneventful. I attempted some poster designs to publicize my show, but I haven’t really hit on anything yet that I like.

Monday night I experimented with block printing, something I haven’t done since my intro to printmaking class in college. I made a hand grenade, which I plan on using in an upcoming piece. To test it out I did a few prints on a scrap piece of paper, which I ended up turning into a cover photo for my Facebook page. While I was carving a friend was texting me about some of her problems, and we wound up getting in a fight. I ended up not going to sleep until after 4:00, and with a mostly free day today I didn’t set an alarm and slept until around 2:00. I lounged around the house until getting motivated enough to do anything. I went to Target, did my laundry, and then went to Bojangles.

One thing of interest did happen at the laundromat. I kept almost bumping into this girl with my laundry basket, so I decided to introduce myself. Her name is Anya, she was born in Russia but moved here when she was 10. She’s 21 now, a waitress/bartender, interested in philosophy, loves Calvin and Hobbes, and is also extremely beautiful. We talked for a long time and really hit it off. I told her about my show and gave her my card. I asked her if she would like to get drinks sometime and she said yes and exchanged numbers. I think there could be some potential here.

After I got back from laundry and getting food James and Nici came over for a little while, but ended up having to leave so she could give her brother his car back. I spent the rest of the night hanging out with the neighbors, although it didn’t turn into quite the block party that Friday was. Now I’m on the verge of passing out, but my brain is still somewhat awake, hence this blog. So yeah, that’s about it.


*** EDIT: I’m obviously a complete retard since I somehow forgot one of the most interesting things to happen today. When we were all sitting outside talking we saw tree limbs fall onto someone’s car. Evidently they had been trimming the trees the other day, and for no reason that we could see a few gigantic limbs fell. A car parked almost directly under the tree was pretty damaged – one of their tail lights was broken and the front end had a lot of damage. A motorcycle in the next parking spot was knocked over completely. The whole neighborhood gathered around and we managed to find the owner of the car, who took some pictures of what happened and called the landlord and his insurance. Now that’s something you don’t see every day. Or at least I hope we won’t be seeing this every day. But yeah, now I really must sleep.