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My Art @ Zapow!

GREAT NEWS EVERYONE!!! (and I seriously hope you read that in Professor Farnsworth’s voice)

My space at Zapow is up! As careful observation of the photo below will reveal, the space includes a handful of original pieces, along with two hanging racks of prints and greeting cards (all very reasonably priced)

For those of you who don’t know, Zapow is a gallery of fun and funky pop culture art and illustration. It’s located on Battery Park Ave. in downtown Asheville.

Be sure to come on by and check out my stuff… and if you’re feeling generous, buy some prints or original artwork. Support local artists! Specifically me, your dear friend who could use a little extra cash 😉


Zapow wall


Enjoy the rest of this rainy Sunday evening. The end.
Your Pal, Chris


A Week Of Insanity

It all began last Saturday. Walking home from work, I found an unopened roll of Sweet Tarts on the ground. Believe it or not, that was among the more expected and “normal” things to happen…

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This just in from the art world of yours truly…

You can now see four pieces of my artwork on display at The Updraft Gallery in downtown Asheville. The four pieces in question are the Tree Rings series (here, here, and here) and The Tree Of Life.

The Updraft is a fairly new gallery, run by artists. They have a lot of variety – many different styles of painting, decorative stuff, jewelry, pottery, glass, you name it. The location is great – in addition to being downtown, they’re right across the street from an expensive tapas restaurant. The guy who runs it is pretty cool, and he also runs Art In The Park and has some good connections in the community. There’s really no telling whether or not my stuff will sell, but it’s definitely good exposure, and it could lead to even bigger things.

So if you happen to be passing through downtown Asheville, come check out my stuff, (and the other work there). And if you’re nowhere near Asheville, then by all means go to my shop. Yay!


This whole two-jobs-classes-and-a-social-life thing is taking its toll on me. I feel like I never get enough sleep, and I’m way behind on my reading for my classes. What I really need is a bit more self-discipline so I can force myself to catch back up, both on homework and sleep.

I’ve been hanging out with my neighbors a lot, after a brief period of locking myself up in my room. I haven’t really seen much of anyone else, however. I haven’t heard from Kat in a while; I’m guessing she’s even more busy than I am, so who knows where that might be going. I’ll be seeing Sarah on Monday – we’re going to see Andrew Bird at the Peel. One last concert before she leaves the country for two years. Fun.

As far as the whole art career thing goes, I’ve been selected to be part of a three person show at the Blend Gallery in November. It’s probably better known as the Blend Lounge or “that place where you can smoke hookah,” but recently they’ve tried to remake themselves as a gallery first and everything else second. It will definitely be good exposure. Also in November we’ll be having our staff show at True Blue, so I’ll have some stuff there too. I’m not sure why I haven’t been more diligent about posting things like this. I guess I’ve just decided that this is my “personal” blog and my Tumblr is more for art related things. So yeah.

And speaking of work, with one employee gone to Penland for two months and another moving soon, we did some hiring. I’ve worked two shifts with one of the new girls, and she seems alright. I’m not really sure why, seeing as how she’s not really anything I usually go for, but I find her quite sexy. But I know better than to even attempt something with a coworker, that pretty much never works. But a customer, well that’s a different story…

This girl came in today and asked if I remembered her. She’s a student and used to come in all the time last year, and she’s absolutely gorgeous, so there’s no way I’d forget her. Out of nowhere she just starts talking my ear off. Not that I minded. She told me about her classes, her art, her roommates, her family, being broke, not having a car, never getting any sleep, quitting smoking, her boyfriend……. Yeah, I was totally on board until that last one. She mentioned him about three times, even telling me that he has the same name that I do. But based on what she was saying and her body language, it seemed like she was totally flirting with me. Even my coworker thought so. And our conversation ended up lasting around 45 minutes, which is probably more than all of our other conversations added together.

To further my theory that she was flirting, she told me about how she was a model on the side for the figure drawing classes at UNCA. She said that all up and down the hall are drawings of her nude. She said that pretty much everyone in the art department has at some point in time drawn her. Her boyfriend, while not an art major, has his department in the same building, so he’s seen the pictures too. I commented that it sounded like things could get pretty awkward. She denied it, but at the same time was turning bright red. I told her I didn’t believe her, because she was blushing just telling me about it. She said she wasn’t, that it was just really hot in here. I was at a pretty comfortable temperature. The high today barely hit 70 degrees, and most of the day it was rainy and way below that. And we had the air conditioning running. So either she’s extremely sensitive to warm temperatures, or she was in fact blushing while telling me about posing nude for her entire department.

There were a few other exchanges that were like that, although none quite as awkward. I got the vibe that the whole time she was trying to put forth the best possible image of herself, like she was trying to impress me or something. She giggled a lot, often stammered, and went off on long tangents that weren’t really related to whatever we had been talking about before. I’m convinced that she showed all the signs of flirting with me. Which makes me wonder why she would go out of her way to mention that she had a boyfriend. Perhaps she’s sizing me up as a potential replacement for whenever they happen to break up? A guy can dream! If that was the case I certainly wouldn’t complain. As I said before, this girl is gorgeous, and she really has a wonderful personality. She seems very intelligent, and we obviously have a lot of common interests. Basically, she’s the kind of girl I could fall for in a heartbeat. She said she wanted to see my art, so I gave her my card, and specifically told her to go like my Facebook page. Ever since then that’s pretty much all I’ve thought about, hoping that at some point in the near future I’ll log on and see that she liked my page and I can add her as a friend and send her a message. Who knows, maybe it will happen. But if nothing ever comes of it, I got in some good quality flirting with an amazing girl, and that’s pretty much its own reward, right?

I’m sure there are other interesting things that have happened recently in my life, but I’m kinda blanking on what they might be. I guess that’s my cue to end this thing already…


Something came up at The One Stop and they had to do a little calendar shuffling. As a result, my art exhibition got bumped up almost an entire month.

The new date of my show (now titled Friends and Allies for the Struggle, after a Manet quote) is Saturday, August 18, from 5:00-7:00 pm. The exhibit will remain on display until October 6.

I created an event on Facebook that has a brief little statement and more specifics. Go here to “join” the event. Or to decline it, see if I care.


The new schedule gives me a somewhat longer block of time than before, and longer than any of the other people on the calendar, so I really can’t complain. I’m having to rush the framing a bit, and money is going to be a little tighter than I planned on for this month, but I should be able to have everything ready in time no problem.

When I get all the framing taken care of I’ll start on making some prints to sell on the cheap. And sometime soon I’ll try to come up with a poster design and some promotional materials to hand out and post all over town. I have a little bio questionnaire that Johanna from The One Stop sent me, I really need to stop procrastinating and fill it out. And as if I didn’t have enough already, I’m determined to finish my commission sometime in the coming week and start on a new series I’ve been daydreaming about. Full plates – I has them.


1. Got my car back today. I starts and runs. The check engine light still comes on, and the wipers and automatic windows seem to be going at half speed, so there’s something electrical that’s gotten screwed up from all of this. The shop (which evidently is a lot newer than I realized – they don’t have their credit card readers hooked up yet so I had to go to the ATM) is getting a code scanner soon, like in the next week. He said he’d hook it up and diagnose everything for free, and if I have any trouble before then to let him know. Fingers crossed.

2. I got an email from Lauren, the owner of the ZaPow gallery downtown. She likes my stuff. The bad news is that with all of this car stuff, plus business cards and all the usual expenses, I’m too broke to afford their space rental. I replied and told her I was interested but couldn’t do it for another month or two. Hopefully she’ll still be interested in my work once I have enough money to get some things framed and rent a space. Fingers crossed x2.

3. I got my first commission the other day. And of course I did the logical thing – procrastinate and doodle something else. I’ve envisioned a new series, called Cryptozoology, for all of the weird creatures I draw when extremely bored. So here goes one of them, the Firesnake…

4. There is no 4.


I got an email from the site I did my business cards through telling me there was a problem with my order. Evidently the front design (and maybe the back too, who knows) didn’t go to full bleed. Even though both front and back image files were the same size, the exact size to go to full bleed. So I resized the front image and re-uploaded it. I honestly can’t tell if the back image went to full bleed or not, because the background is white, so if there’s a border around it you can’t see it. I might get an email tomorrow telling me there’s an error and I might have to do it all over again for the back. Blah.

I had about five pictures I wanted to upload to FineArtAmerica. I created a new folder for them and started uploading. I selected all the files, and had gone through and named the first one and selected all the prices for each size and whatnot, and when I clicked submit it said I had been logged out for lack of activity. I logged back in and it just sat there loading nothing. Finally it loads my main page and it says the album is empty. I go to upload it again and it loads nothing again. I guess they’re having server problems or something. Blah.

I emailed a gallery the other day and sent them a link to my stuff. I got an email back from the owner saying she loves my artwork (yay) and the rest of the email is a generic response telling about their pricing options. I’m not sure I can afford to rent space at a gallery at the moment, unless I can be assured of some sales. And I can’t do that unless I get my name and my work out there a little more than I have. And I can’t do that until I have some business cards to hand out. And even when I do get to that point, I still need to get a bunch of prints done so I have something to sell besides a handful of original pieces. So it might be a bit out of reach at the moment, at least until I get some cards and a little more cash flow. Semi-blah.

I’ll be getting my car back tomorrow, so hopefully it will be fully functional and I can spend less time worrying about it and getting rides and whatnot and more time on promoting my stuff. Time to spam some art blogs and hope for the best…