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This post also has no title

And now it’s time for another update from The Wide World Of Dating…

I still haven’t gotten my second date with Kat. I had planned on asking her to go to the Mountain State Fair this week, but that plan was dead on arrival. Evidently she’s working every day this week and is trying to get caught back up with school so she said perhaps next week. I’m getting the vibe that her definition of “slow” is much slower than I had anticipated, so I’m just gonna back up a little and give her some space. I’ll probably call her sometime next week and see if life has calmed down or not. I hope I’m not wasting my time here, but in the event I am I’ll keep my options open (with her being the preferred option of course.)

The other day a girl I know named Andrea came into the art store. I know her mom and the last time I saw her she asked if we were hiring. I told her to tell Andrea to come put in a resume, so she did. We chatted a little, and after about three years of having a crush on her, I finally got her number. She said she’s having a party soon with some of her coworkers from her current job. She said she’d let me know when it was, and made it a point to tell me that her coworkers were cute. This leads me to believe either she’s still with the same guy she was last time I saw her and she’s trying to politely resist any advances I might make, or she doesn’t realize that I’ve had a thing for her and is simply seeing me as someone she could fix up one of her lonely friends with. But seeing as I’m keeping my options open, there are many possible scenarios that could come from this. None of which I would likely complain about.

Earlier today I was talking with my friend Lucie, who was going to the fair with some friends and invited me. Of course by the time I had gotten off work it looked like it was going to storm, so they decided to go downtown instead. We met up and roamed around for a while, eventually going to Burgerworx so I could get a chicken sandwich. Her friends were pretty cool, but the only one who was single is a super religious good girl, so yeah. When Lucie got home she texted me. Evidently one of her friends thought we were together, and when she explained that we were just friends, she said that we should be together. Her friend said we obviously had good chemistry, and we looked cute together. This started a round of Full Disclosure. When I first met her I was really into her, but I thought she wasn’t interested so I backed off. Apparently she felt the exact same way and backed off herself at around the same time. Of course now¬† things are complicated by the fact that she just got out of a relationship and has a huge crush on her friend, and I have a huge crush on someone whom I might be wasting my time on. We agreed that things might be too weird at the moment, but that we definitely should hang out more often.

When I got home I finally got around to cleaning the tub, then jammed on a few songs and started writing this blog. Oh joy!



It takes two to tango

This morning I got a text message and found myself in a situation that is more familiar to me than it should be. Surely my readers will remember the much-hyped Ms. Rainbow Toenails from a few weeks ago. The last time I got a text message from her was maybe the sixth, and since then I haven’t texted her. Then out of nowhere today I get a text from her fiance (whom she conveniently referred to as her boyfriend until the day she left town and presumably had a long car ride to think about things and feel guilty) saying something to the effect of “you better never text my fiance again you fuckin hear me!” I thought about replying, but instead just laughed it off.

This has happened before, several times in fact. I meet a girl and get somewhat involved with her, only to find out she has a boyfriend/fiance/husband/girlfriend/whatever. Then the significant other will flip out and threaten me. I find it kinda funny actually, because these winning specimens of the male species never once think to put any of the blame on their girls. It’s always my fault. Had I have replied to him, I would have told him how rather than get mad at someone he’s never met, perhaps he should have a talk with her about flirting with guys in the pool and giving them her number. She was the one who started playfully kicking me, and who didn’t resist my advances at all. She was the one who said she wanted to keep in touch and gave me her number. She was the one who started every text conversation we had, save for the last one when I asked her if she still wanted to talk or not. But homo smalldickus never thinks to accuse the girl, he always has to go after the guy so as to make his presence felt and feel like a tough guy.

I don’t like interfering and breaking up couples. It’s not something I go out of my way to do, and in the event it happens I feel pretty bad. But evidently these relationships aren’t so great and these guys aren’t so amazing if their girls are out flirting, giving out their number, and participating in various stages of physical and/or sexual activity. Why get mad at the guy when the problem might just be right in front of your nose? Fix your own issues, then feel free to get mad at me. Or don’t fix them, and get pissed off at the next guy she gives her number to, because it will most certainly happen again. And won’t you feel like such a big tough man then? Ha!


I just attempted to make some Facebook cards at Moo, but ultimately got nowhere. They’re running a promotion where the only thing you pay for is shipping, so I figured why not. They base your cards on your Facebook cover photos. But for some reason when you have your cover photos set to Facebook’s default of 851 x 315 pixels, it says it’s too big. They say to adjust the size, but it won’t let you shrink them any smaller. They say if you can’t adjust the size you might need to re-upload them, but they don’t give you that option on their site, so I’m assuming they mean on Facebook itself. But Facebook won’t let you just upload to your “cover photos” album, you have to change your cover photo to upload a new one. I have six cover photos, so basically the people who liked my page would see me changing my cover photo six times. Seems to me the whole process is kinda annoying. I sent an email to the Moo help desk asking if I can just skip the resizing and allow my images to bleed over. It’s just going to crop them anyway, and I won’t be losing anything significant, so why not? But I’m learning, when Facebook and/or business card websites are involved, nothing is easy.

In unrelated news…

My next door neighbor produces beats and backing tracks for rappers and pop/r&b singers who don’t play any instruments and don’t want to hire a backing band. Yesterday we were talking about collaborating on some stuff. He has a lot of beats that he wants guitar and other instruments over. He said he’d come by tonight, but never did. I’m sure eventually we’ll work on something. I’m always up for a jam, and he makes decent money doing what he’s doing, and I’m always up for making more money.

At some point in the next week I could have one, possibly two dates. I’ve been talking to Olivia about getting dinner sometime, but every time we set a day something comes up. Hopefully Monday, but who knows. I was also talking to a girl named Stacie last night. We met back when I was looking for a roommate. She wasn’t going to be moving until after I had hoped to find someone, so I crossed her off my list, but we decided we have enough in common to be friends. She doesn’t know anyone here yet, and we have similar tastes in music and movies. And she’s also ridiculously hot. Last night I asked her if she would like to go see Moonrise Kingdom with me, seeing as how most people I’ve asked haven’t been too interested. She said most definitely, but she’s going out of town until probably Thursday or Friday. So hopefully whenever she gets back we’ll decide on a time and go see it. Maybe tomorrow at the gas station I’ll see the cute waitress girl (who, incidentally wasn’t the person who texted me the other night) and get up the nerve to ask her out, and then I could potentially have a hat trick of a week. Who knows.

What I really need to do is stop being lazy. I need to call Nationwide and make a claim for my towing so I can get reimbursed. I need to work on some art. I need to clean my room. But right now I mostly just need to get to bed at a decent hour. Here goes nothing…..


Updates about the fairer sex

I haven’t really posted a lot of personal/romantic/whatever stuff lately, so I figured now is as good a time as any. Plus I’m really bored.

Last week I met a girl on a dating site named Olivia. We’ve started chatting on Facebook and last night stayed up until the wee hours and she fell asleep on me. She’s extremely cute and a really sweet person. Sometime this week we’ll get together, depends on her schedule. But I’m not really sure how things will go. Evidently she’s really religious, doesn’t drink or cuss, and wants to remain a virgin until marriage. I don’t need to drink to have a good time. I can curb my cussing. I can go for long periods of time without sex. The problem is the underlying reason behind these stances of hers. As someone who has been burned and tried very hard to distance myself from religion, I’m not sure I’d be comfortable getting involved with someone who was extremely religious. I guess basically we’ll meet in person and see how we click, and then I’ll try to decide whether or not she’s someone I would want to be with, and how the religious issues might factor into our potential relationship. In the meantime I’ll just enjoy chatting with a sweet, cute young woman.

Several months ago I messaged a girl on a dating site named Lauren. I didn’t hear back from her until the other day. She apologized and asked if I still wanted to chat. We haven’t managed to catch each other online yet, but based on her profile and her messages to me she seems really cool. She has good taste in music and movies, and she’s really interested in philosophy, which isn’t something you see every day. Hopefully we’ll get to chat soon and perhaps things will go well.

And then there’s a rather odd scenario…..

I got a text message a little while ago from a number I don’t recognize. The person seemed to think they knew me, and when I asked who they were trying to get ahold of, they said “very handsome guy wearing a blue shirt” but she didn’t know his name. She said her name was Rebekah, but I don’t know anyone with that name. At least not spelled that way. I said I liked meeting new people and we could chat, but she said she was going to sleep. Could be a simple wrong number, and I might look a little desperate for trying to strike up a conversation. But then the wheels started to turn…………

There’s a girl who comes into the gas station who is amazing. She’s gorgeous, and based on the short chats we’ve had, she’s super sweet. She works at one of the restaurants down the street, but she frequently comes in on her days off, and even when she is working and in uniform she never has a name tag on, so I have no idea what her name is. She could very well be a Rebekah. Yesterday she came in and I gave her my business card and told her to go check out my art. My card has my phone number on it. She could very well have been feeling gutsy (or tipsy) and decided to text me. Our uniform there is a blue shirt. If she wasn’t very observant she could easily have never noticed my name tag and not know my name. And seeing as how she wears glasses sometimes and other times not, she could very well think that I’m very handsome. Could this mystery texting girl be the girl who comes into the gas station? It’s within the realm of possibility. The only way to really find out is to text her tomorrow and ask. If not then oops. But if so, this could definitely be something. I would jump at the chance to go out with the restaurant girl. If it turns out she thinks I’m handsome and got in touch with me and made the first move, who knows what might happen. I guess I’ll find out sooner or later…