Rick Santorum said that the president was a snob for encouraging everyone to go to college. The only reason I can see for him saying such a thing is that an educated populace certainly wouldn’t vote for an idiot like him. Keep them dumb and you’ll keep racking up the votes. After all, that’s been the Republican way since W’s first term.

He claims that college is a liberal conspiracy. Yep. Just like birth control. And JFK. Damn liberals, trying to ruin our once-great nation.

Ricky boy says that when people go to college, they fall away from their faith. Another time-honored Republican tactic. Thump your Bible, talk shit about gays and women, and call the other guy a Muslim, and it really doesn’t matter what else you stand for. You can basically write up any policy you like, no one will pay any attention. Jesus said we can’t take it up the ass, kill babies, or get along with people who believe differently than us. So fuck the poor and make it that much easier for giant corporations to take over the world. We won’t notice, and we won’t care. Because that other guy, the radical Moooslem, he wants to see abortion on the lunch menu at every middle school in the country.

Somehow this moron is actually getting votes. Not that I have a problem with it. If I believed in God I’d actually pray for a Santorum nomination. Regardless of what the usually way off base polls say, it would only lead to an Obama landslide. All six women who vote for Santorum will be devastated to see him go down in flames.

Also, anytime you get to use the words “Santorum,” “go down,” and “flames” in the same sentence, I’d say it’s a pretty good day.