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So I log on to make a new post and WordPress looks absolutely nothing like it did a few days ago. What the???

Well anyway… back to what I was going to post about…

Yesterday I closed my account with BB&T. They didn’t even ask why I was closing my account. You could tell they just didn’t give a shit. I guess after the whole “occupy” thing and everyone switching to credit unions they’re just so used to it. But switching to a credit union is definitely the way to go, in the event someone reading this was contemplating.

After my bank fun and a little shopping I picked Katie up from work. Her ex sent her a “moneygram” and we ended up going to several places hoping in vain someone would cash it. We didn’t have any success, but she was able to cash a refund check from the electric company and she insisted on paying for dinner. I wouldn’t have any of that, but I did cave and let her pay for the movie tickets…

We went to see Frankenweenie at the Brew-n-view. It was pretty good overall, if not earth-shattering. While it was clearly aimed at children, it never came off as cheesy or pandering, and there were plenty of jokes adults would love. There were a lot of neat homages to classic black-and-white horror movies, but it mostly avoided the popular trend of inserting a million pop culture references to make you laugh. The bottom line is that if you’re a Tim Burton fan you’ll like it. It wasn’t my favorite of his movies, and after a while the 3-D glasses were giving me a headache, but it was definitely an enjoyable movie experience.

That’s about all for now. I’ll probably play around with this weird new setup and hopefully get around to posting my long-delayed best-of-2012 list. I have a few more albums to listen to before I set anything in stone, but it’s almost finished. Until then…..


Evidently every company that I have an account through is trying to get more money out of me. First I got my Charter bill and find out that my two-year contract has ended, and in the interim they’ve raised rates on everyone. I’ve been looking into other options, and I think I’ll be going with a local company called Skyrunner. Then I get my water bill and it is double what it usually is. I called them up and they claimed that my usage doubled. They said I could have a leak and not know it. They put in a work order with the office, who sent a maintenance guy out. He said that there’s no way we could be using that much, and if there was a leak that big we would have known. He came out to check the meter, and sure enough, it’s not working. We’re not really sure what happened or where the water company got those numbers from, but they don’t reflect reality. So they’re going to fix our meter and adjust our bill accordingly. And finally, I got a notice from the tax department claiming that I haven’t paid my vehicle tax bill. I sent a check out almost a month ago and still have the duplicate to prove it. Nothing was taken out of my bank account, and they said they didn’t receive it. Either it got lost in the mail, or, as the woman on the phone explained to me, it got sent to their old address. It seems as though they moved, and a lot of mail is being sent to their old address. Meanwhile they’re getting tax bills from other counties and whatnot. Sounds really organized. But yeah, so I’m just going to pay online, and she said if they get my check they’ll send it back. Had I have known you could pay online in the first place I would have done that – I’m so ready for checks to go the way of the buffalo.

While there was no drinking game this time, I did manage to catch the second presidential debate. Romney was his usual dickish self, but this time he was much more entertaining. I’m still scratching my head as to how single-parent families result in assault weapons. And of course there’s the unforgettable “binders full of women” comment, which produced this amazing tumblr page. This was definitely a gaffe for the, er, binder. Overall I was pretty satisfied with the debate. It wasn’t a “game changer” like the first one appears to have been, but it was a much-needed rebound for Obama. Not only is the town hall style debate much better suited to his skills as a politician, but he was more aggressive and didn’t stand for Romney’s bullshit. Early voting in North Carolina starts tomorrow (technically today but the polls won’t open for another six hours) and I think it’s pretty obvious who I will be casting my ballot for. Hopefully enough of my fellow Tar Heels will do the same and we can be a blue state again this election. Fingers crossed!

If you read my last post, you know that my dream girl came into the art supply store, and somehow I wound up getting her number. I’ve been trying to think of something to ask her to that won’t come off wrong and overstep my boundaries. I looked on our “local art highlights” calendar and saw that there is going to be a gallery opening on Saturday. I took the day off because that was supposed to be when my art show came down, but the artist who was supposed to follow me backed out, and now they’ll be leaving my artwork up until November 1. With a free Saturday, and desperately wanting an excuse to see this girl, I decided to text her and see if she would be interested. She said that Saturdays were usually the days she works on art projects and spends time with her boyfriend, but she would rather go to a gallery opening. I was a little shocked, but went with it. The next day she texted me to make sure I understand that this isn’t a date, something her friend recommended we clarify. I told her that I assumed it wasn’t, seeing as how she has a boyfriend. So unless something comes up, we’re on for Saturday. The way I see it is, I have a lot to gain from this and absolutely nothing to lose…

Worst case scenario: We have an awkward night, or as I get to know her I realize she isn’t quite as perfect as I previously thought. Or perhaps she realizes that she’s a bit out of my league and has a bad time. But no matter how badly the evening goes, I will still have gotten to go to a gallery opening, not spend a dime, and spend some time with a girl who, at least as far as looks go, is pretty close to a perfect ten. A free night out with a gorgeous young woman looking at art sounds like a win, even if that’s where things end.

The next possibility is that we could really hit it off, in which case I’ve made a new friend. I don’t have a lot of friends, so that’s always a good thing. Friendship with this particular girl could potentially have some additional benefits. No, not that kind of benefits. By spending time with her and getting to know her, I would be expanding my social circle. She’s a college student, so chances are she has a ton of friends. And she’s an artist, so chances are several of her friends are as well. As we become better friends, it’s inevitable that I’ll meet some of her friends, and from there who knows what could happen. Maybe I’ll hit it off with her friends and they will become my friends as well. Maybe they’ll be fans of my art, leading to more exposure and getting my name and my work out there. Or maybe one of her friends will be a cute artist with a thing for older guys. The possibilities are endless.

And then there’s the third potential path, which I will be the first to admit is an extreme longshot. We could get to know each other and become close friends, and down the road something might happen. She didn’t sound too confident that her current relationship would last, so perhaps they’re on the outs. It’s crazy to think I could ever have a chance with a girl like her, but who knows, maybe I’m her type. Maybe they’ll break up at some point in the future, and the natural thing is for us to get together. I’m not expecting this to happen, and even though I would love it if it did, I’m not hoping for it. But anything is possible, right? If it were to happen, I certainly wouldn’t do anything to stop it. This girl is pretty much everything I’ve ever wanted in a girl, so if she happens to fall into my lap I won’t complain!

No matter what happens, I’ve already gotten a huge benefit from this. As someone who has struggled with self-esteem issues for years, this is a gigantic ego boost. Not only did the girl of my dreams voluntarily give me her number, but she wants to be friends and be seen in public with me. Seeing as how I’m about fifteen years older than her, dirt poor, and of average attractiveness at best, I can’t really imagine there’s anything she stands to gain from this. Aside from a discount at the store, I have nothing to offer her. This makes me think that her motives are pure, and she genuinely does like me. After years of women using me and taking advantage of me, the thought of a girl wanting to spend time with me when she gets nothing out of it is refreshing. It means that she values me as a person and would like to form a genuine friendship. That’s pretty rare in this day and age, and the fact that she’s not just any girl, but one whom I consider to be just about perfect in every way literally makes me giddy. I haven’t felt this good about a potential friendship in a while, and in turn it has made me feel pretty good about myself. I might not be the greatest guy out there, but there are people who want to spend time with me, and occasionally they just so happen to be goddesses in the flesh.

But yeah, that’s about it for now. I fell asleep watching South Park and woke back up over three hours later. I haven’t gotten much sleep this past week, and I’m really feeling it. Now that I’ve had a nice long nap, I’m not tired. I’ll probably numb myself with the internet for a while and then force myself to go to bed. Tomorrow (technically today) will be somewhat of a light day, but I don’t want to stay up late and sleep until mid-afternoon. Anyway, that’s all folks.


My car is still in the shop. Evidently they had to wait on a part to ship. They said it should be ready Monday afternoon, maybe around 1 or 2.

On Sundays and Mondays I work at the gas station, which is around four miles or so from my apartment. It’s no secret that I don’t exactly enjoy my job. Temperatures here have been in the 80’s for the past few days, and I most definitely don’t enjoy the heat. So in short, there’s no way in hell I’m walking to work. Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t even have to consider that. But it’s starting to look like that’s the only way I’ll get there.

Monday is Memorial Day and the buses aren’t running. Most of the world doesn’t work for the government, so pretty much everyone I know with a car will be working. No problem. I can miss a day of work, right? As long as I can make it in tomorrow I’ll be fine. Except now it’s looking as though that ain’t happening either.

I haven’t seen my roommate in about two weeks. I’m assuming he’s been staying with his girlfriend. The other day he must have come home long enough to slide a check for the bill money under my door. Yesterday he must have been here long enough to take his toothbrush. But I haven’t seen him. So that means I can probably take his name off the list of People Who Might Be Able To Give Me A Ride. My friends Nici and James have been sharing a car for a while, but they’re both free on Sundays. Except their car is also in the shop and they’ve been relying on Nici’s brother to drive them around. My friend Carly has yoga. My friend Lucie is in West Virginia. Most of my other friends either don’t have cars or live upwards of an hour away. My last hope is my neighbor Angela, who let me use her car last week. She’s in Greenville and isn’t sure what time she’ll be coming home tomorrow.

So basically, I’m out of options. I really need the money, so I’d like to not miss both days. But right now that’s what it’s looking like. Oh well, maybe if I have an extended break I can get this commission done I’ve been procrastinating on, and that will give me a little money. Probably not as much as a day of work, but better than nothing. And I could probably use a day or two to just relax, I’ve been pretty stressed out lately. Of course missing two day’s pay will give me new reasons to stress out, but that’s beside the point. I think.


A blah day in the art world

I got an email from the site I did my business cards through telling me there was a problem with my order. Evidently the front design (and maybe the back too, who knows) didn’t go to full bleed. Even though both front and back image files were the same size, the exact size to go to full bleed. So I resized the front image and re-uploaded it. I honestly can’t tell if the back image went to full bleed or not, because the background is white, so if there’s a border around it you can’t see it. I might get an email tomorrow telling me there’s an error and I might have to do it all over again for the back. Blah.

I had about five pictures I wanted to upload to FineArtAmerica. I created a new folder for them and started uploading. I selected all the files, and had gone through and named the first one and selected all the prices for each size and whatnot, and when I clicked submit it said I had been logged out for lack of activity. I logged back in and it just sat there loading nothing. Finally it loads my main page and it says the album is empty. I go to upload it again and it loads nothing again. I guess they’re having server problems or something. Blah.

I emailed a gallery the other day and sent them a link to my stuff. I got an email back from the owner saying she loves my artwork (yay) and the rest of the email is a generic response telling about their pricing options. I’m not sure I can afford to rent space at a gallery at the moment, unless I can be assured of some sales. And I can’t do that unless I get my name and my work out there a little more than I have. And I can’t do that until I have some business cards to hand out. And even when I do get to that point, I still need to get a bunch of prints done so I have something to sell besides a handful of original pieces. So it might be a bit out of reach at the moment, at least until I get some cards and a little more cash flow. Semi-blah.

I’ll be getting my car back tomorrow, so hopefully it will be fully functional and I can spend less time worrying about it and getting rides and whatnot and more time on promoting my stuff. Time to spam some art blogs and hope for the best…