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Forgive my overuse of apostrophes at the end of words. I don’t know what I was thinkin’.

But in all seriousness… I must be the least productive unemployed blogger on the planet. I just don’t feel like I have much of anything to write about, and I pretty much never feel inspired to write. Yet I have a ton of newfound free time and I’m running out of things to do with it. First world problems?

Basically I’ve spent every business day dropping off resumes and doing related things. I’ve done more online applications than you can shake a stick at. About the only one I haven’t done is the application for Lead Stick Shaker, and that’s mostly because the hours are terrible. But I digress.

Last Thursday I went to a job fair at AB Tech. It was mostly medical and manufacturing, so not a lot of good leads. There was one animal hospital there, and I gave them my resume and talked for a while. They’re way out in Hendersonville almost to Flat Rock, so if I had to travel that far, salary would definitely be a deciding factor in whether or not I accepted any job offer. There were a lot of staffing services and companies advertising their job bank websites at the fair, but I’ve yet to find anything I’m both qualified for and interested in on any of them.

I’m also not sure if the people working these booths are poorly informed, or if they have quotas to fill and feel compelled to lie, but quite a few of them did just that. For a data entry position at AB Tech, the woman at the booth told me I just needed to have a degree, it didn’t matter what it was. I went to the website to apply and it tells me I need to have a degree in a business-related field. A hotel that was represented there told me I didn’t need any previous hotel experience, but their website said it was required. I can probably think of another half-dozen examples, but you get my point. It’s a little frustrating when people tell you to your face that you’re qualified and hand you a sheet with a website, but then you go to the page and see just the opposite.

But yeah so, not a of luck with the job search as of yet. Besides that, not a lot of anything going on. I’ve been spending entirely too much time watching DVD’s from the library and other assorted mind-numbing television. I’ve hung out with my neighbors so much that I’m almost sick of them. On Saturday I went to the Montford Music & Arts Festival for a while and stopped by a house that was having a yard sale and had their unsold leftovers on the curb. I managed to snag a few CD’s, a bunch of fountain pens and accessories, and a really sweet little shelf. That’s pretty much been the highlight of the past week, if that tells you anything.

So yeah… thus is my boring life. I need a job or some other influx of money, and then I need to meet a cute girl to spend that money on. Or something like that.



I’m writing this from my family’s house. It’s the wee hours, Christmas Eve/Christmas Day. In about five hours my family will want to wake up to open presents. I should be exhausted, yet I’m not. It’s pretty much impossible to sleep around here, for one reason or another. So out of boredom and the need for an update on life, let’s back up…

Last Wednesday my probable roommate came over to do some measurements. It looks as though his stuff is going to fit, so at this point all that’s left is for him to go to the office and apply. Later that night I met a girl named Amber who I’ve been talking to on OKCupid and Facebook. She’s a redhead, she works with autistic people, and she’s in recovery, five years sober. She seems really sweet and intelligent, but I’m not sure what I think about her yet. I’ll probably try to get up with her after the holidays and then see how things go.

Thursday night after work I went to Walmart for a few quick things and ended up waiting in line for almost an hour. I wrapped Christmas presents and finished a new painting. On Friday my friend Rhiannon came into town, along with her boyfriend and some friends of theirs, another couple. I stayed up pretty late talking and goofing off and was extremely sleepy at work on Saturday.

After work Saturday we met back up downtown. I waited while Rhiannon and her boyfriend got new tattoos, then we went in search of food. My neighbor Angela sent me a text saying that she was at the LAB with my other neighbor Michelle. They hit it off nicely with Rhiannon and my new friends and everyone had a pretty good time. Rhiannon and Michelle did more than a little flirting with each other, which was pretty interesting to say the least. After dinner we split up, with Angela, Michelle, and I staying at the LAB and the others going to the Boiler Room for some techno fetish Christmas party. Playing that night at LAB was an old friend from Fayetteville who I haven’t seen in years, a guy named Ryan who performs under the name Rookie Of The Year. We hung out afterward and he bought me a drink and gave me a deal on his newest CD. It’s not exactly my prefered style of music, but definitely a step up from his last album. I rode home with Angela and Michelle and then we hung out at Angela’s apartment for a while. Rhiannon and her friends got back around 3:00, very drunk and giggly. We chatted for a while and then everyone went to sleep.

I somehow managed to wake up extremely early Sunday to pack my stuff and load my car. I spent the whole day at work alternating between nodding off and consuming more caffeine. After work I met up with a guy named Christian. He posted on Reddit that he needed a ride to Statesville and would pay gas money. I figured I was going that way anyway, I might as well. In Hickory, after much confusion, we met up with my friend Lucie. Christian’s sister came to Hickory and picked him up, and Lucie and I had dinner, drinks, and chatted. After dinner I set back on the road, alone, but with the help of much more caffeine. I arrived at my family’s house around 1:00. Earlier today a few of my mom’s friends came over, followed by my sister, her new husband, and the kids. We had dinner, opened a few presents, drank, and watched TV. Everyone is either gone or asleep now, and I’m thinking at some point in time I should follow suit.

A lot of my family’s Christmas traditions haven’t happened this year. We didn’t go to Midnight Mass, we’ve yet to watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, etc. It doesn’t really feel like Christmas, which I suspect is part of being an adult. It’s still my favorite holiday, but it’s becoming more and more just another day. And now I’m finally starting to get sleepy, so perhaps the time for rambling is over. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, The End.


The other day was my neighbor Angela’s birthday. She decided going out and celebrating on a Friday night would work better, so that’s what we did. We decided on the Bywater, which meant we had to get one of our other neighbors, Dustin, to come along, since he’s the only one with a membership. They wanted to go around 8:00, which meant that I needed to drive to work instead of walking so I could be home with enough time. Unfortunately, downtown was an absolute mad house, and it took me over 20 minutes to get from the parking garage to my apartment. Knowing I wouldn’t have much time to eat to begin with, I got a to-go order from Chai Pani. Thanks to fighting downtown traffic, my food was cold and Angela was bugging me to hurry up the second I walked in the door. Fun times.

We got to the Bywater and hung out for a while waiting for others to show up. My roommate said she would be coming later with Joshua, who just recently fell and broke his hip. Angela had a friend who was supposed to be coming as soon as she could convince her boyfriend’s parents to let them leave. And after she got off work Michelle was supposed to be coming. We roamed around and started drinking. I had a hot apple cider made with spiced rum and butter schnapps that was pretty much amazing, then followed that with a concoction of more rum, root beer, and bitters. We were approached by yet another neighbor, a guy named Rob who plays upright bass and sometimes makes his way to our end of the complex to say hi. I ended up seeing a guy I know named Eric, and I briefly chatted up a girl with blue hair.

Angela got progressively more intoxicated, which was entertaining for all. Dustin wanted to leave because he has to be at work at 6:00 AM, but for some reason he didn’t think to drive. Since I’d only had a few drinks and my tolerance is ridiculously high, Angela let me drive her car to take him home. When I got back, Sofia and Joshua had arrived, and Michelle was calling me asking for a ride. When I told her I was already there she decided to drive. Sofia and Joshua didn’t stay much longer because she has to work early, and soon it was just me, Angela, and Michelle. For most of the night I’d been holding Angela’s stuff – keys, cigarettes, phone, ID, you name it – because she didn’t think to wear something with pockets, and was obviously too drunk to keep up with anything. She leaned over to tell me something and spilled her beer right down my back. My shirt got wet around the collar, but the big thing for me was my new blazer got wet. I hate the smell of beer, so when Michelle decided that after the band finished we should head to the Southern, I decided to come home and change and attempt to wash my blazer enough to make it smell nice again. I’d really like to wear it tomorrow on my non-date, so I hope it’s dry in time.

So I’m in my pajamas, my shirt is in the hamper, and my jacket is wet and hanging on the door. I have ridiculous heartburn from sinus problems, drinking, inhaling smoke, and having to shout over a bluegrass band all night. A week of screwed up sleep schedules is catching up with me and I can’t stop yawning. And oddly enough, I’m kinda chilly. Overall it was a pretty fun night, but perhaps it’s time to go to bed?


Lately I’ve just been too busy to write anything in this damn blog. Oh well.

The early part of my week was spent watching and reading about the debates – first the Jon Stewart vs. Bill O’Reilly “Rumble 2012,” then the vice presidential debate. I’m not sure which one was more entertaining. Also, this is now a thing: when someone is lying through their teeth and you punk them down, you “Biden” them. Fun times.

I had Tuesday and Wednesday off for a change, but my sinuses were killing me and my friends were busy, so I didn’t take advantage of having consecutive off-days. I started on a new painting, which is coming along rather well. Between work, reading for my classes, and this new piece, I’ve pretty much had no free time.

Last night I after work I went to my former coworker’s art opening, then came home and cooked dinner. I was so exhausted I fell asleep doing my reading. I woke up an hour later, my body aching, determined to finish the lesson and do a few other productive things. I forced myself to stay up an hour later than I normally would have so I could accomplish these things, and then wound up oversleeping this morning and having to take the bus to work instead of walking.

Today at work, my dream girl from a few posts previous came in again. Once again we got into a long conversation, only ended by her having to leave. To my surprise, she had in fact gone to my website and looked at my artwork. Based on my little bio page, her and her roommate tried to guess my age, and her roommate got it right. She’s only 19, so she then launched into a discourse about how she always seems to attract older guys, and how even when they’re older, they’re still too immature for her. She said that her boyfriend (also named Chris) was only two years older, but that it was old enough to count, because he would be graduating next year and she’d still be in school. She then said something like, “not that I expect it to last that long.” I told her that in the event it didn’t last, and she needed another Chris to step in and fill the void, I would proudly offer my services. She giggled and told me that was really sweet. We chatted some more, and I said that even though she never has free time and has a boyfriend, it would be cool to hang out sometime. She sounded a bit startled and said, “well I am allowed to have friends.” She then asked for my number and sent me a text message so I’d have hers. I’m not really sure how to ask her out without it sounding like I’m asking her to cheat on her boyfriend. Since she’s only 19 I can’t just say “let’s grab a drink sometime,” and I can’t invite her to the Tav Falco show I hope to go to next week. I don’t know of any events going on in the near future, and asking her to dinner or a movie sounds too much like a date, and I don’t want to be the cause of any drama. I’m sure I’ll think of something, and hopefully see her again soon. And hopefully I won’t be bright red in the face like I was for the latter half of our conversation today. But hey, your dream girl gives you her number and talks about her current relationship probably not lasting, and you tend to blush a little here and there. It happens.

So anyway, after work I stopped at Downtown Books and News and found a few interesting things in their free bin – a paperback of The Taming Of The Shrew, some old postcards, a CD from Uncut Magazine featuring bands inspired by The Byrds, and a DVD from some music magazine full of synth and drum samples. Not a bad haul, considering the price. I came home and chatted with my neighbor, who was sitting on her front porch. Then I cooked dinner and watched Woody Allen’s Bananas, which might be my new favorite of his movies. It was like a Marx Brothers political farce set in a small South American nation. But more Jewish. Easily the most laughs per minute of any of his movies that I’ve seen. Then I got a cleaning bug up my butt and gave the bathroom a good deep cleansing. Now I think I’ll read another chapter in my studies and try to get to bed at a decent hour for once. The End.


Once again I’ve gone longer than I should without an update. Not a lot has really been going on, so maybe that’s why.

On Friday we had a little staff party for the art supply store. One of our employees is moving away, and our boss decided to throw her a going away party. We went to this place called Zambra’s, a tapas place. “Tapas,” evidently, is Spanish for “really tiny portions.” The food was pretty good, but not exactly filling. Our boss paid, which was a nice gesture, but it probably means I won’t be getting paid for the newsletter for a while. Oh well, free food.

Saturday I woke up sick to my stomach, and pretty much stayed that way all day. On Sunday my roommate left to visit family for a week, so I have the place to myself. Last night I hung out with my neighbor Ty and his friend Cass, a pretty cool chick with an amazing voice. The two of them sung a lot of old bluegrass and folk songs, most of which I didn’t know, and I added various things like percussion, slide guitar, harmonica, and backing vocals for the songs I knew. I’m going to get Cass to sing on some of my stuff, whenever we both get enough free time.

I started a new painting, somewhat high-concept. It’s coming along slowly. It has a few layers and I’m using some unusual techniques, so I’ve been taking pictures each step of the way. I’ll post them when it’s finished.

Which brings us to today. Today has been one of those days. I woke up with a headache and my sinuses were killing me. I’ve been sniffling and sneezing all day. I went to do my laundry, but there were no empty washers or dryers. I went to the library to return some DVD’s and it was packed too. I came home and got on the computer for a while, only to find an email from Charter telling me that my rates are going up because my contract has ended. I called them, and evidently they don’t do contracts anymore, they don’t have any special promotional rates anymore, everyone is just at the same rate and there’s nothing they’re willing to do about it. So I’m going to call some local internet providers and get some quotes, because I can’t afford a huge jump in my monthly bill. After that I decided to try the laundromat again, and there wasn’t even an empty parking space. I have no idea why everyone randomly decided to do their laundry on the same day. I ended up going to the laundromat down the street, which is a bit more expensive, but oh well. I thought I had to get my wash done at a decent time because Nici and James were coming over, but then they ended up cancelling on me. I decided to go to Urban Burrito after I did my wash, and I forgot that kids eat free on Tuesday. It seems like the entire town was out and about today, and it was pretty annoying. I came home and watched a movie, then fell asleep. I completely forgot today was my nephew Blake’s birthday and I didn’t realize it until it was too late and he was probably already asleep, so no phone call from Uncle Chris. I’ll try calling tomorrow. Then I spent entirely too much time browsing OKCupid and realizing that I’ll probably be alone forever. Fun times!

I think I’ll end my day by taking some allergy meds, reading a chapter for my online class, and otherwise dicking around on the internet until I get tired enough to go to sleep. Yep, this is the excitement known as my life.


The first presidential debate is behind us now. From where I’m sitting, there doesn’t appear to be a clear winner. But there is definitely a clear loser – our livers.

I happened upon Debate Drinking and thought, why the hell not? I got home from work and posted a link to Facebook and then started on dinner. My neighbor Ty, his girlfriend Catie, and her friend Will came home shortly after that, saw my door was open, and came to say hello. I hadn’t met Catie before now, but evidently we’re “twinsies,” as she put it. We have a ton of stuff in common and really hit it off. She said she was excited to find someone who was interested in politics, and dragged Ty and Will over to watch the debate. My neighbors Michelle and Dustin were talking on their porch, and knowing that Michelle has a total hard on for Obama, I invited them as well. We pulled up the rules, loaded up the glasses, and got underway.

Evidently Ty and Catie get pretty loud once they’ve had some alcohol in them, and after several attempts to quiet them down didn’t work, Dustin decided to leave. They continued to talk, but the rest of us mostly tuned them out, at least long enough to catch some sound bytes to make fun of. And to know when our words had been said, necessitating another drink. All in all, this debate taught me that being the child of an alcoholic makes drinking games a futile exercise for me. I had two glasses of scotch, some vodka, and a shot of absinthe, and barely got a buzz. What buzz I did have faded within about two hours. But it was fun anyway. After the debates we watched some Youtube videos and chatted until everyone started leaving one-by-one.

My roommate and Joshua came home and enticed Michelle with some vegan chili, and her and I chatted a bit. Evidently her friend Kat has a boyfriend, which would explain her lack of communication. I’m not sure how, but I always manage to find girls who think it’s better to ignore you than to tell you news you don’t want to hear. Michelle said she’s been bugging her about how she needs to tell me, and she claims she will eventually. This is something like four girls in the past year – did I miss the memo that said ignoring someone was a good idea? I personally would much rather hear bad news than no news. If you don’t like me, you’re not feeling anything, you’re not looking for a relationship right now, there’s someone else, whatever… FUCKING TELL ME. By ignoring a person and thinking they’ll go away and things will magically be fine you show your true colors. Girls like that are not anyone I need in my life. If you can’t communicate something important, it brings into question everything you have communicated up to this point. If you dodge the hard conversations it shows you have no spine, no passion, and no empathy. This isn’t directed solely at her, and I still think she’s a really awesome person in many ways, but this is a message to women everywhere – if you behave in such a manner, you are showing yourself to be far beneath me and not worth my time. I feel sorry for whoever ends up with you, because unless you’re radically different towards others than you are to me, your future beau is going to have his hands full with a bunch of childish bullshit. Communication is paramount in any relationship. Say what you mean, mean what you say. Don’t avoid the hard talks or the tough questions, we’re talking about real people with real emotions, and they deserve to know what you think and feel. If you disagree with any of these statements and you don’t see this as a problem, then good luck in life, and I hope you don’t get fucked over the way you fuck over others.

But yeah so….. back to the debates! It seems that most media outlets are calling this a win for Romney. I’m not sure I see that at all. I will admit, he did speak with more passion and was very much on the offensive, attacking Obama at every turn. And this will probably be enough to swing a certain percentage of voters to his camp, at least for now. But the problem is, the facts weren’t on his side. Nearly half of what he said was total bullshit, and that has been verified by several independent fact-checkers. He even managed to contradict himself a few times. He wasn’t even trying to hide the fact that he was talking out of both sides of his mouth. On the other side of the stage, Obama played it cool and barely broke a sweat, and perhaps that was to his detriment. But really, what else would you expect him to do? When an idiot is attacking you with half-truths and outright lies, what do you say? Do you scream “nu-uh!!!” at the top of your lungs like most of Romney’s primary opponents did? Or do you try to bring a degree of civility and calmly point out where your challenger is wrong? Obama would be wise to bring back the passion and fire we saw in the last election, but only if he’s basing what he says on the truth. Saying something louder and more emotionally doesn’t make it any more true. Laying low doesn’t make what you’re saying false. But the problem is that the public wants a spectacle, and if you don’t give them that they’ll tune you out. So perhaps Obama needs to work on combining the fiery rhetoric with actual facts, solid policy, and the charisma and level-headedness that make him a great leader. If he can succeed in doing that, the next two debates are in the bag.

Oh, and I never did think of anything else that starts with the letter D. Oh well.


This whole two-jobs-classes-and-a-social-life thing is taking its toll on me. I feel like I never get enough sleep, and I’m way behind on my reading for my classes. What I really need is a bit more self-discipline so I can force myself to catch back up, both on homework and sleep.

I’ve been hanging out with my neighbors a lot, after a brief period of locking myself up in my room. I haven’t really seen much of anyone else, however. I haven’t heard from Kat in a while; I’m guessing she’s even more busy than I am, so who knows where that might be going. I’ll be seeing Sarah on Monday – we’re going to see Andrew Bird at the Peel. One last concert before she leaves the country for two years. Fun.

As far as the whole art career thing goes, I’ve been selected to be part of a three person show at the Blend Gallery in November. It’s probably better known as the Blend Lounge or “that place where you can smoke hookah,” but recently they’ve tried to remake themselves as a gallery first and everything else second. It will definitely be good exposure. Also in November we’ll be having our staff show at True Blue, so I’ll have some stuff there too. I’m not sure why I haven’t been more diligent about posting things like this. I guess I’ve just decided that this is my “personal” blog and my Tumblr is more for art related things. So yeah.

And speaking of work, with one employee gone to Penland for two months and another moving soon, we did some hiring. I’ve worked two shifts with one of the new girls, and she seems alright. I’m not really sure why, seeing as how she’s not really anything I usually go for, but I find her quite sexy. But I know better than to even attempt something with a coworker, that pretty much never works. But a customer, well that’s a different story…

This girl came in today and asked if I remembered her. She’s a student and used to come in all the time last year, and she’s absolutely gorgeous, so there’s no way I’d forget her. Out of nowhere she just starts talking my ear off. Not that I minded. She told me about her classes, her art, her roommates, her family, being broke, not having a car, never getting any sleep, quitting smoking, her boyfriend……. Yeah, I was totally on board until that last one. She mentioned him about three times, even telling me that he has the same name that I do. But based on what she was saying and her body language, it seemed like she was totally flirting with me. Even my coworker thought so. And our conversation ended up lasting around 45 minutes, which is probably more than all of our other conversations added together.

To further my theory that she was flirting, she told me about how she was a model on the side for the figure drawing classes at UNCA. She said that all up and down the hall are drawings of her nude. She said that pretty much everyone in the art department has at some point in time drawn her. Her boyfriend, while not an art major, has his department in the same building, so he’s seen the pictures too. I commented that it sounded like things could get pretty awkward. She denied it, but at the same time was turning bright red. I told her I didn’t believe her, because she was blushing just telling me about it. She said she wasn’t, that it was just really hot in here. I was at a pretty comfortable temperature. The high today barely hit 70 degrees, and most of the day it was rainy and way below that. And we had the air conditioning running. So either she’s extremely sensitive to warm temperatures, or she was in fact blushing while telling me about posing nude for her entire department.

There were a few other exchanges that were like that, although none quite as awkward. I got the vibe that the whole time she was trying to put forth the best possible image of herself, like she was trying to impress me or something. She giggled a lot, often stammered, and went off on long tangents that weren’t really related to whatever we had been talking about before. I’m convinced that she showed all the signs of flirting with me. Which makes me wonder why she would go out of her way to mention that she had a boyfriend. Perhaps she’s sizing me up as a potential replacement for whenever they happen to break up? A guy can dream! If that was the case I certainly wouldn’t complain. As I said before, this girl is gorgeous, and she really has a wonderful personality. She seems very intelligent, and we obviously have a lot of common interests. Basically, she’s the kind of girl I could fall for in a heartbeat. She said she wanted to see my art, so I gave her my card, and specifically told her to go like my Facebook page. Ever since then that’s pretty much all I’ve thought about, hoping that at some point in the near future I’ll log on and see that she liked my page and I can add her as a friend and send her a message. Who knows, maybe it will happen. But if nothing ever comes of it, I got in some good quality flirting with an amazing girl, and that’s pretty much its own reward, right?

I’m sure there are other interesting things that have happened recently in my life, but I’m kinda blanking on what they might be. I guess that’s my cue to end this thing already…


Things have still been kinda crazy around here. I’m a little behind on my homework (it feels really weird to say that after all these years) and I’ve been spending entirely too much time hanging out with friends and neighbors. But it’s all good – this whole social life thing might be foreign to me but I have a feeling it’s somewhat healthy.

Last night I hung out with Michelle and this guy who I can only assume is her current love interest. I mentioned how I called Kat and it went straight to voicemail, and she told me that happens to her a lot too, so I shouldn’t take it personally. Evidently Kat is not a “phone person” whatsoever. If you don’t reply to texts and calls from one of your best friends, then I probably shouldn’t expect much more than that.

Someone finally moved into the empty apartment next door. Oddly enough, someone I know. Her name is Katy (how do I manage to meet all these girls with names that are only a few letters different???) and she comes into the art store a lot. She draws cartoons, her stuff is pretty cool. I haven’t met her roommate yet, who I don’t think has moved in, and who hasn’t bothered to get the electric turned on, so she’s been coming over to our place to charge her phone/laptop/make coffee, etc. Fun times.

And tonight is the much-anticipated Mark Kozelek concert. I’m currently cooking dinner and then about to head out. But before I do, here’s another silly drawing I somehow managed to find time to do…



So yeah, that’s about it for now. Off to finish dinner and then go to the concert, woohoo!

The past twenty-four hours have been a rollercoaster ride. Let’s examine some of the highlights and lowlights, shall we?

Good: I had a dream that I wrote a song on bass. I woke up and immediately grabbed my bass. To my surprise, the notes that I played in the dream actually sound really cool, and it could potentially become a good song.

Good: Had a nice little workout, ate some Cheerios, and left for work ahead of schedule.

Good: I began my workday in a great mood, daydreaming mostly about the classes I registered for yesterday, the fact that I have tomorrow off and nothing at all to do, and the fact that I have a date on Friday with the lovely Kat.

Bad: My mom calls me at work to tell me that my grandmother has passed. She’s been in a coma for months, hooked up to all sorts of machines, so it was no surprise. Furthermore, when you’ve already lost two other grandparents in the past ten months, you kinda get used to this sort of thing. But my family is already at it, arguing over whether or not there should be a wake (umm, hello!) and how best to spend the money my grandfather left in his will. At this point I’m just kinda numb to the whole process – losing people and not getting to say goodbye, greedy family members dragging things out, having to think about taking time off and driving to the other side of the state, etc. I’m not sure what emotions to feel right now, so I just shut down. I honestly can’t believe how they’ve acted ever since the day she went in the hospital, and the thought that they might not have any kind of wake or memorial disgusts me. I watched their greed and ego problems make an already fragile situation become way harder than it should be with my grandfather, I have no desire to watch it all over again. I have no intention of being a part of this charade and I want nothing to do with them. They can drag her memory through the mud like they did with his, I’ll just be hanging out. I’m not going to let this bring me down, I have too much on my plate as it is, and I’m pretty sure she would understand and approve.

Meh: I send a text to Kat to open up a dialog about our date on Friday. We never discussed where we’d go or when we’d meet, and I also wanted to warn her that I might be a bit out of it because of the aforementioned situation. She didn’t reply. Maybe she’s at work. Maybe her phone is turned off. Maybe she’s taking a nap. Who knows.

Bad: An hour later I still haven’t gotten a reply, so I send another text. I say that I hope I didn’t catch her at a bad time, and if so she can just text me whenever. After more than three hours, still no reply. Maybe she’s working a double? Maybe her phone is dead? Maybe my texts aren’t sending? My paranoia (mostly warranted, based on previous dating history) worries that it might be something altogether different from those possible scenarios – she might be ignoring me.

Meh: I snag two damaged canvases before I leave work. They’re a little wobbly, and kind of a weird size. But hey – they’re free. Free art supplies are always good. So maybe put this down as “meh and a half.”

Good: I speak to my boss for our daily closing phone call and she tells me to take $50 out of the deposit for finishing this month’s newsletter. It’s always good to have cash in your wallet, especially when you’ve got a hot date coming up soon.

Meh: I marvel at the little things when I notice that the sign above the checkout at Greenlife says “5 items or fewer.” Hooray for correct grammar. But it really doesn’t make much of a difference in the grand scheme of things, now does it?

Meh: I have veggie burgers and fries for dinner and watch the Democratic National Convention.

Good: Bill Clinton uses the phrase “donut hole” several times in the span of a few minutes. I am further blown away by his persuasive ability when I mysteriously begin to crave donuts. I decide to go to Ingles once his speech ends and buy some donuts, and Joshua tags along.

Good: As we’re coming back from the store I see Michelle walking to her apartment. I talk to her for a minute and ask if she’s talked to Kat. Turns out she just came from her house. They have a weekly Wednesday game night thing. This leads me to believe I’m not being ignored after all. She was probably working, and once she got off work game night began. She probably didn’t check her phone the whole time because she was already surrounded by several of her closest friends. Any of the other scenarios could still apply, but I’m choosing to believe the positive one, and hope that I will get a reply from her tomorrow. So maybe this is “meh and a half” as well.

Meh: I’m bored. I’m physically sleepy, but my brain is bouncing everywhere. But I don’t have to wake up at any set time tomorrow, so I can just play around on the computer until I get un-bored or my mind catches up with my body and decides to go to sleep. That’s pretty much where we stand.


Today I went to AB Tech and registered for the first and second level veterinary assistant classes. Now all I have to do is go to the website and create my enrollment thingie and they’ll send me a link with the rest. This could be an important new chapter in my life. Getting out of retail, dealing with animals instead of humans, etc. Wish me luck!

In other news… the first shots in the war have been fired. Today the management of my apartment complex towed not one, not two, but fifteen cars. Joshua went to talk to them, and evidently the whole thing is a scheme to make sure that the towing company gets business and that the driver’s girlfriend (who lives in the complex) always has a place to park. As far as the personal-stuff-in-the-yard thing, evidently they only care about tenants they don’t like. My roommate went to the office to ask what she should do about her gigantic flower pots, and they told her she had nothing to worry about. My roommate is white, dresses nicely, pays her bills on time, and is fairly attractive. They essentially told her these new rules were meant to discourage a handful of “problem” tenants. Based on what she told me of their conversation, I’m guessing the problem is either financial status, appearance, or race. Wonderful.

We all gathered round and chatted a little about our plan to form a neighborhood association. We got sidetracked and started talking about the state of world politics in general. Contained in this conversation was this nugget of wisdom from Joshua, when asked “what are people?” – “People are like corporations. Without rights.”

But yeah, that about sums things up. I’m determined to get more sleep tonight, and work comes early. The End.