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Once again I’ve gone longer than I should without an update. Not a lot has really been going on, so maybe that’s why.

On Friday we had a little staff party for the art supply store. One of our employees is moving away, and our boss decided to throw her a going away party. We went to this place called Zambra’s, a tapas place. “Tapas,” evidently, is Spanish for “really tiny portions.” The food was pretty good, but not exactly filling. Our boss paid, which was a nice gesture, but it probably means I won’t be getting paid for the newsletter for a while. Oh well, free food.

Saturday I woke up sick to my stomach, and pretty much stayed that way all day. On Sunday my roommate left to visit family for a week, so I have the place to myself. Last night I hung out with my neighbor Ty and his friend Cass, a pretty cool chick with an amazing voice. The two of them sung a lot of old bluegrass and folk songs, most of which I didn’t know, and I added various things like percussion, slide guitar, harmonica, and backing vocals for the songs I knew. I’m going to get Cass to sing on some of my stuff, whenever we both get enough free time.

I started a new painting, somewhat high-concept. It’s coming along slowly. It has a few layers and I’m using some unusual techniques, so I’ve been taking pictures each step of the way. I’ll post them when it’s finished.

Which brings us to today. Today has been one of those days. I woke up with a headache and my sinuses were killing me. I’ve been sniffling and sneezing all day. I went to do my laundry, but there were no empty washers or dryers. I went to the library to return some DVD’s and it was packed too. I came home and got on the computer for a while, only to find an email from Charter telling me that my rates are going up because my contract has ended. I called them, and evidently they don’t do contracts anymore, they don’t have any special promotional rates anymore, everyone is just at the same rate and there’s nothing they’re willing to do about it. So I’m going to call some local internet providers and get some quotes, because I can’t afford a huge jump in my monthly bill. After that I decided to try the laundromat again, and there wasn’t even an empty parking space. I have no idea why everyone randomly decided to do their laundry on the same day. I ended up going to the laundromat down the street, which is a bit more expensive, but oh well. I thought I had to get my wash done at a decent time because Nici and James were coming over, but then they ended up cancelling on me. I decided to go to Urban Burrito after I did my wash, and I forgot that kids eat free on Tuesday. It seems like the entire town was out and about today, and it was pretty annoying. I came home and watched a movie, then fell asleep. I completely forgot today was my nephew Blake’s birthday and I didn’t realize it until it was too late and he was probably already asleep, so no phone call from Uncle Chris. I’ll try calling tomorrow. Then I spent entirely too much time browsing OKCupid and realizing that I’ll probably be alone forever. Fun times!

I think I’ll end my day by taking some allergy meds, reading a chapter for my online class, and otherwise dicking around on the internet until I get tired enough to go to sleep. Yep, this is the excitement known as my life.


I never really mind being single until I’ve spent some time around a couple. I mean, sure, I’d rather be with someone. But if I’m not, no big deal. I have friends, I have other outlets, I’ll survive. But for some reason, whenever I spend any amount of time around a couple (not just any couple, but a couple) I get super uncomfortable with my singleness. I feel extra lonely, and every moment of every day is filled with dread – what if I never find someone? What if I’m single forever?

My roommate and my neighbor (I like both of them, individually at least) have become one such couple. They spend a lot of their time together, and they often do couple things, like cook together. They’ve even gotten comfortable enough with their relationship that they’ve started with various levels of P.D.A. They’re too cutesy, and too joined at the hip. I understand that because of their triangular situation they can’t really spend any time at his place. But that doesn’t mean they have to spend all day and all night over here. Thankfully tonight they’ve gone out, so I can finally have some alone time. I’m still just as single when I’m alone as when they’re around, but for some reason it feels much more bearable.

I’m hoping my singleness might end soon. My neighbor Michelle is going to try to play matchmaker for me with her awesome friend Kat. Evidently she tried to get up with her tonight but she couldn’t get ahold of her. Obviously simply bringing her friend over won’t instantly change my status one bit. But over the past year or so I’ve built up this previously unknown level of confidence, and when we hung out last week we really hit it off nicely. So there’s probably a good chance I’ll at least get a date out of it. Whatever happens I’ll definitely be in debt to Michelle, I know I’m probably a huge pain in the ass. But yeah, fingers crossed…

In completely unrelated news…

The other day a course catalog from AB Tech came in the mail. I’ve resisted the concept of “going back to school” for a long time now, but I’m really sick of the world of retail. I was browsing through the online classes and saw a three level course to become a veterinary assistant. I’ve always loved animals, and while it probably wouldn’t pay any more than what I’m making now, it would be great to get out of retail and spend my day surrounded by animals. I sent an email to the address listed in the catalog asking if there were any prerequisites that I didn’t see listed, and if these three classes were all I would need to become a veterinary assistant. If so, I think I’ll go for it. The classes aren’t that expensive, comparatively speaking, and with it being an online class I wouldn’t have to worry about missing work. I’ll keep you posted.

In further unrelated news…

I have a painting that I’m attempting to sell CHEAP. I did it one day at work, I think I might have posted a picture on here. I used nothing but store-use supplies and a damaged canvas, so it didn’t cost me anything. I don’t really like it either. I figure if I sell it dirt cheap someone will want it. I might post a picture to Facebook and see if anyone is interested. If not I might end up giving it to Michelle as a reward for her matchmaking abilities. I guess we’ll see.

Aaaaaaand that’s about it. I’m pretty boring lately. The End.