And now it’s time for another update from The Wide World Of Dating…

I still haven’t gotten my second date with Kat. I had planned on asking her to go to the Mountain State Fair this week, but that plan was dead on arrival. Evidently she’s working every day this week and is trying to get caught back up with school so she said perhaps next week. I’m getting the vibe that her definition of “slow” is much slower than I had anticipated, so I’m just gonna back up a little and give her some space. I’ll probably call her sometime next week and see if life has calmed down or not. I hope I’m not wasting my time here, but in the event I am I’ll keep my options open (with her being the preferred option of course.)

The other day a girl I know named Andrea came into the art store. I know her mom and the last time I saw her she asked if we were hiring. I told her to tell Andrea to come put in a resume, so she did. We chatted a little, and after about three years of having a crush on her, I finally got her number. She said she’s having a party soon with some of her coworkers from her current job. She said she’d let me know when it was, and made it a point to tell me that her coworkers were cute. This leads me to believe either she’s still with the same guy she was last time I saw her and she’s trying to politely resist any advances I might make, or she doesn’t realize that I’ve had a thing for her and is simply seeing me as someone she could fix up one of her lonely friends with. But seeing as I’m keeping my options open, there are many possible scenarios that could come from this. None of which I would likely complain about.

Earlier today I was talking with my friend Lucie, who was going to the fair with some friends and invited me. Of course by the time I had gotten off work it looked like it was going to storm, so they decided to go downtown instead. We met up and roamed around for a while, eventually going to Burgerworx so I could get a chicken sandwich. Her friends were pretty cool, but the only one who was single is a super religious good girl, so yeah. When Lucie got home she texted me. Evidently one of her friends thought we were together, and when she explained that we were just friends, she said that we should be together. Her friend said we obviously had good chemistry, and we looked cute together. This started a round of Full Disclosure. When I first met her I was really into her, but I thought she wasn’t interested so I backed off. Apparently she felt the exact same way and backed off herself at around the same time. Of course now¬† things are complicated by the fact that she just got out of a relationship and has a huge crush on her friend, and I have a huge crush on someone whom I might be wasting my time on. We agreed that things might be too weird at the moment, but that we definitely should hang out more often.

When I got home I finally got around to cleaning the tub, then jammed on a few songs and started writing this blog. Oh joy!