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My piece “Galvanized Electronic Zapping Apparatus (the floating robot head formerly known as ‘Disconnect’)” will be featured on the blog Handmadefuzzy for their Spotlight Friday, which this week will be featuring drawings.

I was contacted via my page on Zibbet.com by who I’m assuming is the author of the blog. They said the link will be live around 6:30 am, which is way before I will be awake. The blog itself seems to be mostly focused on crafts, but there’s a lot of variety on there. I’m pretty interested to see what other styles of drawings will be featured alongside my piece.
If nothing else, this could give me some visibility and introduce my art to people who might not have seen it otherwise. So yay. Be sure to go check out Handmadefuzzy tomorrow (although you don’t really have to do it at the crack of dawn.) The end.



Website updates…

So just a quickie post here…

I have made some major changes to my website. For starters, I upgraded to the paid version so I could add more stuff. Secondly, that’s exactly what I’ve done. I now have nine galleries, whereas before I only had three. And those galleries are now organized (mostly) by series, rather than by media type. I have galleries for my new Iconology series, and for the first few of my Musings Of A Predator Drone pieces. There are galleries for a bunch of older series, and one-off works and things that just don’t quite fit into any series are organized under the old system, with galleries for miscellaneous paintings on canvas, paintings on paper, and drawings. And to top it all off, I’ve updated my “about” page to include links to Zapow and The Updraft, along with a more up-to-date listing of shows that I’ve been a part of. So there you have it, the new and improved (how can something be new and improved?) Chris Ortega Fine Art And Illustration. Go check it out. Now. Seriously. Cat videos can wait, this is important…


This just in from the art world of yours truly…

You can now see four pieces of my artwork on display at The Updraft Gallery in downtown Asheville. The four pieces in question are the Tree Rings series (here, here, and here) and The Tree Of Life.

The Updraft is a fairly new gallery, run by artists. They have a lot of variety – many different styles of painting, decorative stuff, jewelry, pottery, glass, you name it. The location is great – in addition to being downtown, they’re right across the street from an expensive tapas restaurant. The guy who runs it is pretty cool, and he also runs Art In The Park and has some good connections in the community. There’s really no telling whether or not my stuff will sell, but it’s definitely good exposure, and it could lead to even bigger things.

So if you happen to be passing through downtown Asheville, come check out my stuff, (and the other work there). And if you’re nowhere near Asheville, then by all means go to my shop. Yay!


I made a Facebook page for my art which is practically screaming to be liked.

There’s a bunch of my stuff. Mostly the same pieces that are on my Carbonmade portfolio. But I’ve also included a link to my Bandcamp page and eventually I’ll have a shopping cart on there. I’m still trying to get that sorted out. I joined Fine Art America and uploaded a few pieces, but the shopping cart feature wants permission to access all the pages I have admin privileges to, which includes my work’s website. Since I’m just a regular employee and don’t in any way speak for the company, and since I’m one of several admins, I don’t like that idea one bit. I’m going to try to find a way around that, and if worst comes to worst get my boss to take away my admin status for long enough for me to set up the shopping cart. But anyways, for now there’s no shopping cart, but hopefully it will be coming soon.

And if all of that wasn’t enough to make you want to check out my Facebook page then perhaps I should inform you that I HAVE THE MOST AMAZING TIMELINE IN THE HISTORY OF TIMELINES. Srsly. It’s that good.

So yeah, that’s about it for now. I’m on the verge of falling asleep, I’ve been working on website stuff since about 10:30. I have the day off tomorrow, so I can sleep in, but I can barely keep my eyes open as of right now. So yeah… The End.

A Quickie…

It seems as though WordPress has done a little redesigning. Either that or my not having updated to the latest version of Firefox is causing things to display wonky. Oh well, I found my dashboard and here’s a post.

I’ve been staying pretty busy trying to give legs to my idea of building a professional looking website, but not much has come from it as of yet. I’ve also been working on the newsletter for work.

I have a few new picture ideas, and a Portal-themed series I conceived on the walk home from work tonight. If I can do what I see in my head it should be pretty awesome. I’ve also been writing on my new $12 guitar. I have one song mostly recorded, I’m just finishing up lyrics. I have another with two lines, but my neighbor Angela says she wants to write lyrics and sing it, so hopefully that will go well.

The big news is this is my Week Of Awesome Concerts. Tomorrow night I’ll be going to see Bear In Heaven at the Grey Eagle. On Monday night I will be seeing the legen(wait for it)dary Dick Dale at Jack Of The Wood. I’m pretty pumped about both shows, hopefully neither will disappoint.

And that’s really about it, other than the usual boring stuff. Now to get some sleep, I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow…..


Step 1

Yesterday I went down to Henco, the drafting supply store downtown, and dropped off a few of my larger watercolour/mixed media pieces. They have a gigantic 36-inch scanner that writes as high-resolution tiff files. They were a little shorthanded, so they didn’t get to my stuff until this morning. I picked them up on my lunch break and just got done cropping and editing the files on the CD they burned for me. The resolution is amazing, and these are some huge ass files. Interestingly enough the scanner even managed to capture the iridescent shimmer caused by pearlized pigments on one piece and some shiny collaged paper on another. Overall I’m pretty happy with the quality, and it only cost me around $37, so I really can’t complain.

The guy there gave me the business card of a photographer who specializes in artist portfolios. I was telling him how it was near impossible to get a good camera shot of a canvas piece, and he said they ran into that same problem years ago trying to photograph some jobs, and started using this guy. I figure when I get my next day off (Thursday y u no come yet???) I’ll give him a call and see what he would charge to take some pictures of my stuff.

So that was step one in my quest to actually do something with my art. Step two will be to take these pictures and put together a new website and a professional looking portfolio. Step three will be to find out how much it would cost to get prints made and shipped and then create an etsy page. Step four is to make some business cards and burn some CD portfolios and GET UP OFF MY ASS and hit up every gallery in town. I’m determined that 2012 is the year I finally arrive. I’m one step closer.