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This whole two-jobs-classes-and-a-social-life thing is taking its toll on me. I feel like I never get enough sleep, and I’m way behind on my reading for my classes. What I really need is a bit more self-discipline so I can force myself to catch back up, both on homework and sleep.

I’ve been hanging out with my neighbors a lot, after a brief period of locking myself up in my room. I haven’t really seen much of anyone else, however. I haven’t heard from Kat in a while; I’m guessing she’s even more busy than I am, so who knows where that might be going. I’ll be seeing Sarah on Monday – we’re going to see Andrew Bird at the Peel. One last concert before she leaves the country for two years. Fun.

As far as the whole art career thing goes, I’ve been selected to be part of a three person show at the Blend Gallery in November. It’s probably better known as the Blend Lounge or “that place where you can smoke hookah,” but recently they’ve tried to remake themselves as a gallery first and everything else second. It will definitely be good exposure. Also in November we’ll be having our staff show at True Blue, so I’ll have some stuff there too. I’m not sure why I haven’t been more diligent about posting things like this. I guess I’ve just decided that this is my “personal” blog and my Tumblr is more for art related things. So yeah.

And speaking of work, with one employee gone to Penland for two months and another moving soon, we did some hiring. I’ve worked two shifts with one of the new girls, and she seems alright. I’m not really sure why, seeing as how she’s not really anything I usually go for, but I find her quite sexy. But I know better than to even attempt something with a coworker, that pretty much never works. But a customer, well that’s a different story…

This girl came in today and asked if I remembered her. She’s a student and used to come in all the time last year, and she’s absolutely gorgeous, so there’s no way I’d forget her. Out of nowhere she just starts talking my ear off. Not that I minded. She told me about her classes, her art, her roommates, her family, being broke, not having a car, never getting any sleep, quitting smoking, her boyfriend……. Yeah, I was totally on board until that last one. She mentioned him about three times, even telling me that he has the same name that I do. But based on what she was saying and her body language, it seemed like she was totally flirting with me. Even my coworker thought so. And our conversation ended up lasting around 45 minutes, which is probably more than all of our other conversations added together.

To further my theory that she was flirting, she told me about how she was a model on the side for the figure drawing classes at UNCA. She said that all up and down the hall are drawings of her nude. She said that pretty much everyone in the art department has at some point in time drawn her. Her boyfriend, while not an art major, has his department in the same building, so he’s seen the pictures too. I commented that it sounded like things could get pretty awkward. She denied it, but at the same time was turning bright red. I told her I didn’t believe her, because she was blushing just telling me about it. She said she wasn’t, that it was just really hot in here. I was at a pretty comfortable temperature. The high today barely hit 70 degrees, and most of the day it was rainy and way below that. And we had the air conditioning running. So either she’s extremely sensitive to warm temperatures, or she was in fact blushing while telling me about posing nude for her entire department.

There were a few other exchanges that were like that, although none quite as awkward. I got the vibe that the whole time she was trying to put forth the best possible image of herself, like she was trying to impress me or something. She giggled a lot, often stammered, and went off on long tangents that weren’t really related to whatever we had been talking about before. I’m convinced that she showed all the signs of flirting with me. Which makes me wonder why she would go out of her way to mention that she had a boyfriend. Perhaps she’s sizing me up as a potential replacement for whenever they happen to break up? A guy can dream! If that was the case I certainly wouldn’t complain. As I said before, this girl is gorgeous, and she really has a wonderful personality. She seems very intelligent, and we obviously have a lot of common interests. Basically, she’s the kind of girl I could fall for in a heartbeat. She said she wanted to see my art, so I gave her my card, and specifically told her to go like my Facebook page. Ever since then that’s pretty much all I’ve thought about, hoping that at some point in the near future I’ll log on and see that she liked my page and I can add her as a friend and send her a message. Who knows, maybe it will happen. But if nothing ever comes of it, I got in some good quality flirting with an amazing girl, and that’s pretty much its own reward, right?

I’m sure there are other interesting things that have happened recently in my life, but I’m kinda blanking on what they might be. I guess that’s my cue to end this thing already…



I just attempted to make some Facebook cards at Moo, but ultimately got nowhere. They’re running a promotion where the only thing you pay for is shipping, so I figured why not. They base your cards on your Facebook cover photos. But for some reason when you have your cover photos set to Facebook’s default of 851 x 315 pixels, it says it’s too big. They say to adjust the size, but it won’t let you shrink them any smaller. They say if you can’t adjust the size you might need to re-upload them, but they don’t give you that option on their site, so I’m assuming they mean on Facebook itself. But Facebook won’t let you just upload to your “cover photos” album, you have to change your cover photo to upload a new one. I have six cover photos, so basically the people who liked my page would see me changing my cover photo six times. Seems to me the whole process is kinda annoying. I sent an email to the Moo help desk asking if I can just skip the resizing and allow my images to bleed over. It’s just going to crop them anyway, and I won’t be losing anything significant, so why not? But I’m learning, when Facebook and/or business card websites are involved, nothing is easy.

In unrelated news…

My next door neighbor produces beats and backing tracks for rappers and pop/r&b singers who don’t play any instruments and don’t want to hire a backing band. Yesterday we were talking about collaborating on some stuff. He has a lot of beats that he wants guitar and other instruments over. He said he’d come by tonight, but never did. I’m sure eventually we’ll work on something. I’m always up for a jam, and he makes decent money doing what he’s doing, and I’m always up for making more money.

At some point in the next week I could have one, possibly two dates. I’ve been talking to Olivia about getting dinner sometime, but every time we set a day something comes up. Hopefully Monday, but who knows. I was also talking to a girl named Stacie last night. We met back when I was looking for a roommate. She wasn’t going to be moving until after I had hoped to find someone, so I crossed her off my list, but we decided we have enough in common to be friends. She doesn’t know anyone here yet, and we have similar tastes in music and movies. And she’s also ridiculously hot. Last night I asked her if she would like to go see Moonrise Kingdom with me, seeing as how most people I’ve asked haven’t been too interested. She said most definitely, but she’s going out of town until probably Thursday or Friday. So hopefully whenever she gets back we’ll decide on a time and go see it. Maybe tomorrow at the gas station I’ll see the cute waitress girl (who, incidentally wasn’t the person who texted me the other night) and get up the nerve to ask her out, and then I could potentially have a hat trick of a week. Who knows.

What I really need to do is stop being lazy. I need to call Nationwide and make a claim for my towing so I can get reimbursed. I need to work on some art. I need to clean my room. But right now I mostly just need to get to bed at a decent hour. Here goes nothing…..


Art ideas…

So I went to an art show tonight. Yesterday a girl came into the store looking for some sticky-tac and said she was hanging a show. I asked her about it and we started talking and she invited me. Turns out she’s fairly well-known in this area and was asked to be a part of a group show at the last minute. The show was at Phil Mechanic Studios in the River Arts District and it was the work of five different photographers. There was some really interesting stuff there.

While I was there I got to meet a few of the other artists and chatted about art and galleries and openings and whatnot. Seeing a small, low-key opening like this gave me some ideas for how I want to stage my opening. And it never hurts to go to openings and meet people and do some networking to get the word out.

But basically here’s what’s on my Artist To Do list for the near future…

1. Continue to build my web presence, using things like Facebook groups, Reddit, Craigslist, Zibbet, and Moo.

2. Post on Craigslist about portfolio photography. I like the guy who photographed my stuff, he did great work, but I just can’t afford $30 a piece and I have about four more paintings I want photographed. With all the artists and students in this town, there has to be someone, maybe a UNCA student or recent grad, who would photograph my stuff for next to nothing.

3. Ditch the photography gallery on my website and use the remaining free upload slots to add more of my paintings. Photography is so saturated right now, it’s hard to stand out when there’s a million people doing it. Plus that’s not one of my main focuses, so why include it with the stuff I’m trying to promote? If someone really wants to see photos I took I can send them to another site, but keep my main site for paintings and drawings.

4. Make some Moo cards. I saw an ad to get them for free a while back, so I might as well, assuming the offer is still open. They wouldn’t replace my real business cards, but be a different and funky way to further promote my stuff.

5. Check out some other non-traditional spaces for art shows. Lani, the girl who invited me to the show, said she had a show at Firestorm not too long ago. Considering a lot of my stuff is very political, it would probably go over really well at a place like that.

6. Quit procrastinating and finish that commission. And finally work on some of the ideas in my head too.

So that’s what I want to accomplish in the near future. We’ll see what happens…


I’ve been doing some updating and making some new sites. If you go to the bottom of this page and see my links you will notice I’ve added a few new ones – one for the Facebook page for my art (which now has a shop, courtesy of Fine Art America), one for my new tumblr, and one for my new twitter (yes, I’ve gone over to The Dark Side!!!) And I’ve changed the music link to point to my Bandcamp page instead of my Reverbnation page, which isn’t nearly as pimped out.

Also new, I’ve updated the “about” section of my Carbonmade portfolio to include link icons to all of my pages. I also changed up the bio information a bit, so as to not sound quite so cheesy.

And last but not least, I have business cards on the way. I created them last night on Overnight Prints. They should be here sometime before the 23rd. Not exactly “overnight,” but it was one of the cheaper shipping options.

So yay for new stuff! Now to get my stuff ready for morning, then to get some sleep. My car is still in the shop and I’ll be taking the bus. Fun times.


It’s about 1 AM and I’m not sure if I want to go to sleep or not. I’m physically tired but my brain is wide awake. So I got on here instead.

Tomorrow is date #3 with Charlie. We’re going to see The Muppets at APBC. It’s an early show, so I’m assuming we’ll grab some food after that. I decided to burn her a CD of some of my music since she has yet to hear anything. Eventually I’ll put some more stuff online so anyone can hear it, most likely at Bandcamp, since that’s what all the cool kids are doing.

Wednesday I’ll wake up, shower, load up my car, and drive to Fayetteville. My grandfather’s wake is between 7:00 and 9:00 PM. The actual funeral will be Thursday, I think my mom said it’s at noon. But since I can’t really afford to miss too many days of work, I’ll most likely head back fairly early Thursday so I can get to bed at a decent enough hour to wake up for work on Friday. Yep, that’s right. I will be driving there one day and back the next. About 10 hours in two days. Fun times.

Once all of this is through I really need to get back to work on making a website and increasing my online presence. I’m trying to find a good free or low-cost webhost, but not really sure who to go with yet. But before I do that I need to fully exhaust the various free networks for artists. I’ve already posted my flickr photostream, and whenever I stop being lazy I’ll be making pages on Imagekind, Etsy, and maybe another Deviantart page.

So I guess that’s about all for now. Maybe I’ll attempt sleep. Or something.